18 July 2010

KingCast presents: A movie for Franconia -- Bowfinger, Bluegrass or Bad Blood.

18 July, 2010
Franconia NH –
For immediate release

KingCast.net presents the Fourth short film in its “Bowfinger or Bad Blood” series about history of government malfeasance that led to the Franconia shooting tragedy of May 11, 2007 that took the lives of Liko Kenney and Norman Bruce Mckay and the community’s reaction to it.

This is perhaps my favorite Franconia short film including the original one over at the KingCast movie page because of its balance between art, entertainment and politics. The point is made but the viewer gets a chance to relax at the same time, and to catch a glimpse of what the people of Franconia are all about, and its not all about being anti-cop, etc. etc. blah blah blah as some would have you believe.

I told the entire Free World three years ago that I was the only film maker authorized by the family of Liko Kenney to shoot, edit and produce movies about this tragedy, although they (and I) most certainly welcome any and all earnest attempts by anyone, including but not limited to Casey Sherman to raise consciousness about this situation.

For more information on the problem with some Franconia LE, read here.
For more information on the Bowfinger or Bad Blood video series read here.
For more information on Casey Sherman’s book launch and raw video of his bookstore tour for “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains,” read here.

‘Bout time to hit a tennis ball, drain a beer and ride the Kancamagus.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

Bonus: To watch video about a really disturbing $1.7M Civil Rights case (Scott Hyman/Don & Julie Prescott v. Lakeville Hemlock Association) read here.


Christopher King said...

Special thanks to Wendy, Pam and the Dutch Treat for all of your broadband assistance :)

Specific thanks to Wendy and the Dutch Treat for all of your great food and drink!

-The KingCaster.

SHE said...

Yes, I am a NH native, and that's what I miss when I see the signs for Route 93N. My throat gets tight and I feel it in my stomach, missing "home" -- whatever that means.

As kids we could hang out safely anywhere on the block. Everyone's backyard went on and on, with nothing but trees in sight. The Seniors all had stories to tell, and we listened. Everyone knew and kept an eye out for everyone. We had simple pleasures: riding our bikes aroung the block, walking miles of "the trails" through the woods (bringing home a pickle jar full of ill-fated frog eggs), or, like yourself, taking a quiet, traffic-free ride down a scenic highway.

Well, with no fear of running into a harrassing cop. The concept of fearing a police officer was utterly foreign to us.

Christopher King said...

7:07 SHE
Word. Too bad my father and I cannot say that so much.

Read about it within the context of Yick Wo.