20 July 2010

KingCast observes: Franconia knew Bruce McKay was lying and threatening motorists with OC Spray back in 1997; did nothing about it.

Bruce_McKay_OC_Spray_Abuse_1997 Yep, and it was yet another heinous offense....of a missing inspection sticker...... No HB1428 or SB154 roadway for Defendant Norman Bruce McKay, the document is coming in a minute, here are the related videos and the video from last weekend's Hayseed Bluegrass Festival, which contains some very telling community commentary and documents about the sordid history of Bruce McKay's reign of terror in Franconia. I look forward to watching the lawyers do battle over Discovery in the coming months.

Check the Cool Cats blog post series.
"Why was pepper spray pulled out on me?" Bruce said "I didn't pull any pepper spray," and I said to Bruce, "You're a liar." Then to Bret (Beausoleil) "I'm getting back in my car. You go in the Village Store and ask anyone who was watching if Bruce pulled out his pepper spray and aimed it at me." Bruce then spoke up and siad "Well maybe I did." At this point I said "I'd like to know why a weapon was pulled on me for an uninspected vehicle....."

Bonus: Defendant Sergeant Mark Taylor warned Defendant Montminy about Defendant Bruce McKay.
Double Bonus: More complaints about Bruce McKay, gun drawn for "terrorists" who were really "tourists."

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.


Christopher King said...

I love the part when the victim says to McKay:

"Am I under arrest?"

"I don't know."

That's the thing of it, McKay too often didn't know jack shit about being a reasonable police officer.

Not only was he dumb and dangerous like Don Knotts of Mayberry, he was evil, dumb and dangerous.

And the town and Chief Montminy knew it.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. And the narrative you posted is from a local drug user/dealer and child molestor (and how do I know this? Cuz I was one of those children "back in the day" that he tried to get with....using drugs and alcohol to lure young guys in to his creepy rail-car). Nice job quoting and securing narratives from MORE of the local scumbags to bolster your case. Just lettin' you know (if you really want to stay impartial Mr. King). No worries, I'm sure you'll delete these comments too because they don't really help your case or point of view. But this just goes to show AGAIN the caliber of your reporting. Nothing but a smear campaign. You should do your homework on Mr. PeePee toucher and you will see that Bruce was "in the right" regardless of WHAT action he took against this dirtbag. PeePee toucher destroyed many lives, and had everything that was coming to him. And yet, you defend him?? Way to go. I DARE you to publish this and LEAVE it on your blog (we shall see).

Anonymous said...

What did Troy Watts say? McKay "Couldn't diffuse a spent match."

What a pattern we have here. This incident, 2003 Fox Hill, 2005 Sarah, Profile HS, 2007 5/11...and how many others?

Franconia is a very dirty town. Didn't used to be this way

Christopher King said...


I publish everything you and every other idiot says, and unlike WMUR and the other scumbag major press, it fokken STAYS here.

Go ahead and prove otherwise you stupid douchebag.

Or pull out a can of OC Spray like yer buddy Bruce.

Even if the narrative was from a ax murderer, it doesn't matter because that case was not before Bruce McKay. The case before Bruce McKay was a simple registration/inspection sticker.


Haven't I schooled you enough already?

Christopher King said...


Yes it has become a dirty town, it is part of a larger National push that must be met with Populist Putsch.

And we need not be distracted by idiots like 8:14 who "DARED" me to publish some irrelevant material about another Bruce McKay victim.

I suppose next this tool will tell me that "Ms. B" DESERVED a knife toward her privates, after all she is an attractive woman who wore a dress that evening, she was asking for it no doubt.

And Angela McKay was no doubt "asking for it" too, when Bruce did whatever it was that led her to file for a Restraining Order against him.


No matter how hard people like 8:14 try to deflect attention away from the real issues, it won't work.

The legislature and the people of Franconia were not fooled.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Lastly, 8:14 aren't you the same dink who repeatedly said you were going to forward to me a dossier about the Hells Angels at Hillwinds that could potentially in some measure explain Bruce McKay's Frantic Bob activity there, separating a mother from her child?

You never sent me a goddamn thing.

With a chance to blow some minds, all you did was suck air.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Plus who the hell are you to trash talk about molestation when there is a valid complaint about Bruce McKay's knife play against a woman who alleged he "molested" her.

And I know about a young lady named Leather, you know everything about Bruce so I'm sure you know about him and her.

And you know about Bruce putting his junk in Liko's face.

Just sayin'.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


Well the comment is still up.

Care to identify who the alleged "other scumbags" are who questioned Bruce McKay?

You mean like his superior, Sergeant Mark Taylor?

Is THAT who you're talking about?

Look I'm truly sorry to hear about what happened to you, but you are flat out wrong if you believe that has any bearing on Bruce McKay's incompetency, in point of fact you should know if you read the blog carefully and watch the latest KingCast short film from the Hayseed Festival that the operator of a day care facility FILED A COMPLAINT against Bruce McKay when McKay refused to follow proper procedures regarding a potential case of what????



-The KingCaster.