28 July 2010

KingCast, the IPhone, NESR and Scoot on up! score a major philosophical victory: Free, "Angle" parking in Boston!

Note: I have video from today coming later but at the top I start you out with last year's ride down Boylston Street and finish with last year's interview of Tom Tinlin.

Today's KingCast flickr photos.
Save Scooters website.

The very first Scoot on Up! post was a year to the day!

I also told you a year ago (New England Street Riders letter included) that I liked Boston Traffic Tzar Tom Tinlin, it was in the way he presented himself as an earnest public servant, and how he shot me a peace sign when I whipped into traffic on the 650R after this impromptu interview at a Statehouse Scoot on up! rally.

Today's Boston Globe coverage -- and here's my NESR post. Note that the parking spots are free $0.25 to scooters and motorcycles, which rewards the use of efficient transportation. 

Heck between the No Angle victory and the Toxic Big Dig garbage clean up in my backyard, I'm batting a thousand this week!

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Christopher King said...

Now I hear from a seasoned local rider that City Hall tried this a number of years ago in front of City Hall but it disappeared as soon as it started.

I don't think that will happen this time, I think the future is arriving, and KingCast is honored to help usher it in.


Anonymous said...

You are aware that Tom Tinlan is white right?

Christopher King said...


Well now that you mention it, yeah it did occur to me, but more or less I just saw a brother whom I felt was pretty chill.

Why do you ask?

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

It's just all I ever heard about you was that you despise the white man.

Christopher King said...


Where the hell you been reading?