01 July 2010

KingCast asks "Who's playing games with the Google Algorithm so that a 'Scott Hyman' search puts me waaay back on page 3?"

Here's the search from 1:10p today. That's completely bullshit, given the number of times I've mentioned his name on this blog. I'll see if it changes over the next day or two.

Here's the main post.

KingCast: News the makes you THINK.

Update: Now on Page 2, 4:45p
Update: 3 July now in front page, below the fold with the Question of Faith post.

PS: 5 July 2010 Okay, now I'm #1.

PPS: 6 July 2010 Okay, now the videos show up but sometimes my blog posts don't appear on the first FOUR (4) pages.....

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