31 July 2010

Boston Fellsway KingCast minute aboard the Kawasaki ER6 650R.

Sooooo.....I actually went there to work, but hey on the way, why not unpack that backpack and try some different editing techniques!

Non sequitur: What a song. Don't know what made me remember it, probably thinking about breathing and riding, but it was and is and always will be one of the best club songs, or songs of all time. And the delivery of this live version is simply astounding.

KingCast, Daily Item prove DA Dan Conley and Jake Wark are not racists, they will Unconstitutionally deny any journalists that get under their skin.

Update...... I forgot about my taped January, 2009 phone call with Jake Wark about this, before he and DA Conley got nasty with me.

Sooooo....I wrote a comment to Robin Kaminski's Daily Item story and I presume it will appear on their page later. I didn't bother suing for the video myself because I knew the Item was on it, and I also knew it doesn't show too much. That having been said, I think I will go watch it now too just to make sure. Anyway, remember as you can see in the second video, DA Conley rudely and unprofessionally refused to answer a simple question I posed to him while his sidekick PeeWee Herman/Jake Wark laughed like a damn hyena -- despite the fact that I only had good things to say about him on this blog to that point. Well you asked for it, guys, so now you get it.
Conley’s office repeatedly denied the newspaper’s request, citing investigatory exemptions that suggested releasing the video would compromise the integrity of the investigation. Conley agreed to release the footage Tuesday if The Item dismissed its litigation.

“We have agreed, through our attorney Peter J. Caruso Sr., of North Andover, to drop this legal action against the Suffolk County DA’s office now that they have produced the footage that we have always maintained was public information,” Daily Item President and Publisher Peter H. Gamage said.

Related: More lies from key witnesses Derek Lodie and Michael Picardi + Lodie's pending Attempted Murder trial for events that occurred 3 days prior to the Dan Talbot Tragedy. Had Revere PD not been mired in abject failure and following the deceitful framing of an innocent man, Talbot would be alive today and Robert Iacoviello would be a free man. Read more at this post and this post.

Go ahead Jake, laugh some more. Oh, no, wait.... my turn.

29 July 2010

KingCast follow up on Big Dig urban blight #2: Colliers, Meredith & Grew and F.D. Candelieri clean up!

On the Peace Out picture, you just can't compose it any better, it's uncanny. And the chill thing is, it just happened that way. I'm a rhythm photographer not a blast photographer, so I just wait for the natural and there it is. Lookit how the blokes are all in the Right Position, the trash can is even in the right place, in front of the door, and the angle of the broom in it echoes the shovel leaning against the dumpster, nice.

This will eventually be the third of three KingCast short films documenting the cleanup of a much-neglected area of Boston's Southie/Dorchester neighborhood. Y'all remember the second video (on top) in which the CMG promised me they would be out with the quickness, and guess what?

That was no Word of a Lie. Movie over the weekend, raw video in a few minutes.

28 July 2010

KingCast, the IPhone, NESR and Scoot on up! score a major philosophical victory: Free, "Angle" parking in Boston!

Note: I have video from today coming later but at the top I start you out with last year's ride down Boylston Street and finish with last year's interview of Tom Tinlin.

Today's KingCast flickr photos.
Save Scooters website.

The very first Scoot on Up! post was a year to the day!

I also told you a year ago (New England Street Riders letter included) that I liked Boston Traffic Tzar Tom Tinlin, it was in the way he presented himself as an earnest public servant, and how he shot me a peace sign when I whipped into traffic on the 650R after this impromptu interview at a Statehouse Scoot on up! rally.

Today's Boston Globe coverage -- and here's my NESR post. Note that the parking spots are free $0.25 to scooters and motorcycles, which rewards the use of efficient transportation. 

Heck between the No Angle victory and the Toxic Big Dig garbage clean up in my backyard, I'm batting a thousand this week!

KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

KingCast and Public Enemy say "By the time I get to Arizona...."

Oh, sure they started with the Martin Luther King Holiday denials, now they are trying to make it seem as if all the Mexican and other undocumented workers are the cause of all of America's economic woes. KingCast newsflash: There is plenty of M1 and M2 in the World, it's the Corporate Thieves -- offspring of the first Immigrants who came and raped some of my American Indian ancestors using the labor power of other brown men like me -- who have it all, stashed away. It ain't about the immigrants and it never was.

And I told you squarely five - count 'em, five -- years ago about the crackers in NH who also opposed the Martin Luther King Holiday trying to criminalize undocumented workers when NH Immigration Attorney Mona Movafaghi and I discussed the issue when I was NAACP Legal Chair. Here's a NYTimes story because the Union Leader let its story expire, as they always do because they are a scumbag newspaper. Anyway, they lost, but now their sheet-totin' pointy hat wearin' brethren to the West are giving it a shot. It's all about the bullshit racism and oppression, that's what it's about.

27 July 2010

KingCast exclusive: Hyman v. Hemlock Motion for New Trial pleadings from Defendant and Plaintiff in historic $1.7M anti-semitic Verdict.

Sooooo.....Despite the unanimous Verdict, the Defendants are pressing on. What's so funny is that if you follow their legal arguments to a logical conclusion, testimony about the Swastikas and damage to the properties of Scott Hyman and Don and Julie Prescott should not have been admitted, but yet it was admitted and without objection. Therefore if the Court rejects the Defendant's Motion for New Trial and for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict (JNOV), then the Hemlock Association has one helluva' legal malpractice case against its counsel, Superlawyer Richard Serkey.

Serkey declined my interview but the Plaintiff's attorneys did not.

And you better believe I know a little something about legal malpractice in Boston, just ask another area Superlawyer, Jeffrey Denner or Kevin Barron, they settled up when I came around with the KingCast coverage, you betcha.

Or the Harvard Citizen Media blog, they said I was correct about the Unconstitutional nature of Denner, Barron and the Court's First Amendment suppression and oppression against Derrick Gillenwater.
It looks like the court failed to brush up on some basics of defamation and First Amendment law before issuing its order.

Here's a great post about this case, with some Affidavits.
Here's the seminal post.
KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

25 July 2010

KingCast Sunday movies: Riverside Moto GP demo party + Cashman/Big Dig urban blight & corporate filth & irresponsibility.

Today is a Double Feature, Dani Pedrosa pitching it away at Laguna Seca..... Look for it late night or early in the morning. It is hard to tell who the Bad Guys were with respect to Cashman and Bechtel's mismanagement (Boston Globe 9 Feb. 2003 feature part one) but one thing we all know is that the overall malfeasance was palpable, and costs Boston taxpayers hundreds of millions. My point, as you will soon see, is that whether or not Cashman got screwed, whomever is managing the building for Cashman in my backyard had better get their ass out here and clean it up because what I see is reprehensible. They are creating an environment ripe for drug addiction, prostitution and general urban blight.

Meanwhile, here's the Flickr account of today's activities, parental discretion is advised.

KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

24 July 2010

KingCast tells CNN, AC360: "As a top Constitutional Law bloger, I've got a healthy appetite for accuracy in media."

Goes to this post about the NAACP, Shirley Sherrod and the Fourth Estate obligations of bloggers and major media, read the jump page for the real headline, hootlarious.

KingCast: Top Constitutional Law blogger.

KingCast asks DAs Conley, Zabin & proven liars Michael Picardi, Derek Lodie: Are you sure you convicted the right man in the Dan Talbot murder trial?

Soooo.... I asked in this post whether Dan Conley and the Jury wrongly convicted Robert Iacoviello, Jr. for the murder of Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot.

I noted in this post about State's witness, purportedly altruistic "Bat Man" Jason Watson, that my buddy Seth Daniel discovered an eerily familiar fact pattern of violence and deception on the part of Derek Lodie and Michael Picardi.

Now Derek Lodie has taken an extension on his 20 July 2010 trial date and many believe he is going to Cop a Plea, just as he did in the Dan Talbot case.

Safe to say that if the Revere PD had arrested Derek Lodie for these events when they should have, Dan Talbot would be alive today, and Robert Iacoviello, Jr. would be a free man, taking care of his child as people have written to tell me that he always did in a kind and considerate, loving manner..... in opposition to Jason Watson, who has physically threatened the mother of his child and her family. I know for fact that his Restraining Order was extended.

And I again remind you that Officer Billy Soto's testimony put the gunfire flash in Derek Lodie's hand?

Now I am going to post a good segment of Seth Daniel's Revere Journal story:
On Sept. 26, 2007, (3 days before the Talbot tragedy) three young men were walking on Cooledge Street in Revere when Lodie allegedly began to approach them.

“What are you doing in my projects?” he allegedly yelled at them as he walked closer.

Once he was next to them, Lodie is alleged to have lunged at one of the youths. A second of the three youths jumped in front of the attack, and began to fight with Lodie. The third youth also joined in the fray.

Eventually, Lodie ran off into the Cooledge Street development.

Simultaneously, the second youth realized that he had been stabbed three times in the chest and abdomen area – pretty serious injuries. The third youth had a sizable slice on his thumb. Witnesses called 9-1-1 and the injured youths were rushed off to the hospital.

When police arrived on the scene, that’s when Picardi became involved.

Picardi allegedly told police that he witnessed the incident and that it was William “Billy” Bagnera who had stabbed the youths.

However, it turned out that Picardi’s information was a lie. Yet another foreboding situation given what would transpire in the Talbot case just a few days later. Revere Police immediately put out a warrant for Bagnera – who had a sizable record and a lot of criminal contact with police in the past.

Lodie and Picardi escaped to a mutual friend’s house, where they discussed what had just happened while others overheard.

Two days later, Bagnera was arrested and charged in the stabbings.

Despite his innocence, he was held in custody for more than two months before police were able to point the crime at Lodie and Picardi. One day after police arrested Bagnera, Officer Talbot was murdered behind the high school after starting an argument with Lodie as he walked by.

Lodie is represented by Attorney Jay Carney, who also represented him in the Talbot case. Carney had no comment on the upcoming trial, which is scheduled for a July 20 start in Boston’s Suffolk Superior Court (continued to 11 Aug 2010).
Paul, you and I both know this is a walk that we have to take, no disrespect to your brother in the least. It's about respect for the Constitution and whether a young man is doing time for a crime he did not commit, and whether others got passes for any potentially criminal conduct on their parts.

Dan, don't blow your stack at me, as you did while Jake Wark laughed (KingCast video) when I tried to ask you a simple question, Counselor. I'm only asking reasonable questions that other are asking as well. It's called the First Amendment, the name of the blog is the name of the game, you know that's why Careers in Criminal Justice gave me Top Ranking for Constitutional Law blogs, above the ACLU. I look forward to reading the Appellate Briefs in the event that Derek Lodie does not admit to the shooting of Daniel Talbot.

Related: The Wait of the World.

23 July 2010

KingCast sees Kawasaki Motor Corp. try to weasel out of Federal emissions mandate on the 650R - ER6.

Federal Law requires that emission control systems on a Class III motorcycle maintain through five (5) years or 30,000KM/18,641 miles. So I leave on a 500+ mile excursion from Boston through North Country last week, where I shot a short film. On the way up the baffles of the stock exhaust system give way and the bike looses some of its substantial midrange sparkle, vim and vigor. This started happening just before the Federally-mandated limit -- you can see by the time I got back to Boston I was at 19,092 miles (invoice scan). The kicker is that everybody knows the speedometer of any bike, and especially the 650R, is a tad optimistic, more than 2% that's for certain and closer to 10%. If the speedo is off, then the odo is off, duh. Even if I had not started my trip "early," Two per cent at 19K miles = 380 miles right there, my friends. So I'm clearly in range for a warranty application.

See also In Re: Nissan North America Odometer Litigation No. 3:08-md-1921. United States District Court, M.D. Tennessee, Nashville Division (February 2, 2009), distinguishing Baxter v. Kawasaki Motors Corp., No. 07 C 6745, slip op. (N.D. Ill. July 17, 2008).

Having been an Internet manager for a bike dealer I know damn well Kawasaki could have replaced the muffler but to date has declined to do so. I don't skimp on the mechanicals for the rig, you followers know that. Tyres, chain/sprockets, clutch, fresh synthetic oil, constant cleaning, etc.

The local dealer (Boston Motorsports) is great, they performed the valve adjustment I requested on the spot and then telephoned Kawasaki, whereupon some corporate bean counter said
"Ha!..... we've got him, he's just out of warranty, he can go pound sand, we don't care how much he celebrates on YouTube the magnificent nature of the Kawasaki 650R/ER6...."

If that's the way they want to run their game, so be it. I'll just note as much right here and go get a damn aftermarket system, post this to New England Street Riders, contact the FTC and be done with it.

Now some folks at Kawasaki have been very cool, trying to help out in ways that they can, but I made the point clear to the lower echelon staff that they should not have to do this. I also left a message with supervisor Rick, and told them that I prefer the stock can, even though it is heavy and I lose a few ponies, because it is quiet, stealth, and has a 3-way catalyser for the environment.

Whatever guys, I hope you're happy you saved a few corporate dollars. To hell with good will and customer satisfaction. Back in the Day, it was okay not to know or care about emissions......

22 July 2010

On Shirley Sherrod KingCast says, "Let's see if Anderson Cooper 360 prints my NAACP comments vis a vis the show's negative commentary about bloggers."

Well here's a recent Anderson Cooper 360 post about the NAACP debacle, and in the comments appears my full response, which starts as follows :)

Dear Mr. Cooper and staff:

I am a former NAACP Legal Chair and have a few observations for you. I heard about your TV coverage (yes, from a reliable source, ahem) related to this case in which it was implied that bloggers never check sources, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Hogwash....... (attended by a request to appear on the show, as there are not too too many bloggers covering police murder trials on video and such.....take a look around).

KingCast encourages new NH AG Michael Delaney not to follow in the footsteps of his dirtbag predecessor, Kelly Ayotte: Investigate for Michael Holman

Here's your background about a dirty AG cum U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte and a brown brother, black man who has most definitely been screwed over by the NH Establishment.

Now Attorney Delaney and AAG Rebecca Woodward will have to decide whether to forge and take the high road or continue to snake along the dirt path paved by Kelly.

21 July 2010

KingCast presents Scott Hyman/Lakeville neighbor in $1.7M verdict: "There was more friction than friendship between Bren Ladino and the Prescotts...."

Update: Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum to the Motion for Directed Verdict/JNOV is due today or tomorrow, I will post it in this space as well as in this original JNOV post.

As I told you in this post late last week, I think it's a specious argument set forth by the Lakeville/Hemlock Defendants that area resident Steve Chaput could have just as easily painted the swastikas on Scott Hyman and Don/Julie Prescott's garages.

I'm making a short film later today about this using the rest of Mr. Chaput's testimony, but basically Bren Ladino asked him if he knew when the Prescotts would be away on vacation, just before the swastikas appeared. When counsel for Defendants asked if Ladino and Prescott were friends, Chaput shut him down: "There was friction..... not so much friendship as friction."

Here's the seminal post.
Here's the re-cap video.

KingCast says "Time to check up on Derek Lodie's attempted murder case, will Jake Wark find this funny, too?"

UPDATE: Continued to 11 August, 2010.... Betcha' he cops a Plea. I wonder if he will ever admit that he shot and killed Revere Officer Daniel Talbot out there behind the bleachers on the fateful night..... Billy Soto put the gun in his hands..... the Jury missed it..... I look forward to reading and posting the appeals right here.

Oh, yah.

Very interesting his role in the case and potentially wrongful conviction of Robert Iacoviello. Jake Wark thought it was funny when his boss Dan Conley stiffed me on a question, in utter violation of the First Amendment. I had long been cleared by His Honor to conduct trial video, stills and interviews. I didn't have an official media affiliation (even though DA Conley turned and spoke to Revere Journal's Seth Daniels and that paper ran my trial photos, ahem) but you better believe I have that now, so I'm not going to be taking any shit from either of these guys. I've been waiting patiently for something just like this, and now it's here.

KingCast: Reel news for real people, and that means you, too Mr. PeeWee Herman Jake Wark, I got you on video, too pal.
KingCast.net: Reel News for Real People.

20 July 2010

KingCast says YouTube is full of dookie on the view counter.

Sooooo.....See the video of me joining dozens of other U.S. Citizens to shut down SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway in the post below?

See how the screen capture shows 324 views?

Yah, well that's complete and utter fokken bullshit, it has had 324 views for more than two (2) months now, and I personally know at least a dozen people who have watched it in the past several weeks and many before that. And that's just people I know in NH and MA..... Fact is, the Internet is a bullshit device designed to keep you entertained on worthless drivel, and this blog exists in spite of all of that and don't you forget it.

KingCast: Reel News for Reel People, We know what time it is.

KingCast observes: Franconia knew Bruce McKay was lying and threatening motorists with OC Spray back in 1997; did nothing about it.

Bruce_McKay_OC_Spray_Abuse_1997 Yep, and it was yet another heinous offense....of a missing inspection sticker...... No HB1428 or SB154 roadway for Defendant Norman Bruce McKay, the document is coming in a minute, here are the related videos and the video from last weekend's Hayseed Bluegrass Festival, which contains some very telling community commentary and documents about the sordid history of Bruce McKay's reign of terror in Franconia. I look forward to watching the lawyers do battle over Discovery in the coming months.

Check the Cool Cats blog post series.
"Why was pepper spray pulled out on me?" Bruce said "I didn't pull any pepper spray," and I said to Bruce, "You're a liar." Then to Bret (Beausoleil) "I'm getting back in my car. You go in the Village Store and ask anyone who was watching if Bruce pulled out his pepper spray and aimed it at me." Bruce then spoke up and siad "Well maybe I did." At this point I said "I'd like to know why a weapon was pulled on me for an uninspected vehicle....."

Bonus: Defendant Sergeant Mark Taylor warned Defendant Montminy about Defendant Bruce McKay.
Double Bonus: More complaints about Bruce McKay, gun drawn for "terrorists" who were really "tourists."

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

19 July 2010

KingCast sees Martha McLeod try to politicize her Defamation against State Rep. Gionet, she's unethical and dumber than a box of rocks.

documentinfo.aspx?id=113572 Martha, Martha, Martha.... Bruce, Bruce, Bruce..... You idiot, you cannot attempt to politicize the fact that you likely Defamed State Rep. Edmond Gionet (and me, claiming something about physical and sexual threats I allegedly made toward you). If you have some proof that he tried to fix a ticket with Bruce McKay then you flush it out, prove it, then make your allegations that he is unfit to be a Legislator. But you don't have much, if any, proof, so you went the shit-show route and are now trying to get area Dems to back you in your defense against State Rep. Gionet's reasonable lawsuit against you.

And behavior like that is precisely why you got flushed out of public service.

-The KingCaster.

18 July 2010

KingCast presents: A movie for Franconia -- Bowfinger, Bluegrass or Bad Blood.

18 July, 2010
Franconia NH –
For immediate release

KingCast.net presents the Fourth short film in its “Bowfinger or Bad Blood” series about history of government malfeasance that led to the Franconia shooting tragedy of May 11, 2007 that took the lives of Liko Kenney and Norman Bruce Mckay and the community’s reaction to it.

This is perhaps my favorite Franconia short film including the original one over at the KingCast movie page because of its balance between art, entertainment and politics. The point is made but the viewer gets a chance to relax at the same time, and to catch a glimpse of what the people of Franconia are all about, and its not all about being anti-cop, etc. etc. blah blah blah as some would have you believe.

I told the entire Free World three years ago that I was the only film maker authorized by the family of Liko Kenney to shoot, edit and produce movies about this tragedy, although they (and I) most certainly welcome any and all earnest attempts by anyone, including but not limited to Casey Sherman to raise consciousness about this situation.

For more information on the problem with some Franconia LE, read here.
For more information on the Bowfinger or Bad Blood video series read here.
For more information on Casey Sherman’s book launch and raw video of his bookstore tour for “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains,” read here.

‘Bout time to hit a tennis ball, drain a beer and ride the Kancamagus.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

Bonus: To watch video about a really disturbing $1.7M Civil Rights case (Scott Hyman/Don & Julie Prescott v. Lakeville Hemlock Association) read here.

17 July 2010

KingCast sees Chris Micklovich go free as predicted; time to school a tool.

Fokken CASE DISMISSED (911 calls here) just as with Jason Vassell.

Some dumb bunny jackass wrote in to my last post and I wrote him back thusly:

"Well asshole, the comment moderation prevents spam. What you write is less useful than spam but I publish you each and every time you open your stupid jackass mouth.

To wit, Jason Vassell was not guilty of anything, or did you somehow miss that?

Watch the KingCast movie just in case.

As to your other predictions, are you the same tool who predicted passage of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway for Kelly Ayotte's favorite jackass bully cop? We see w'happened there after my testimony and that of lawmakers and the general public, LOL buddy.

And that other jackass cop, a black Bruce McKay, died recently so now he can't go 'round giving bruises to white wimminz in North Country, ahem.

As I said, Ayotte could very well win, but it's certainly not guaranteed, and if she does win it will be a travesty of Justice, which is what she's known for.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Looks like the other jackass cops who beat down Christopher Micklovich got some 'splaining to do, see, 'cos he -- like Jason Vassell -- is having his criminal charges DISMISSED.

Take that and shove it up your flatulent First Amendment windpipe, dork."