29 June 2010

KingCast sees Jury slam Hemlock Association with $1.6M verdict for Scott Hyman & Prescott family in anti-Semitic, racist bigotry case.

I know exactly what I'm talking about, when I point my cameras at a case. To wit, I knew that the anti-Semitic, racist bigots down in Lakeville (Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Associaion) would get popped, but I didn't think they would get popped for $1.6M. Exclusive video coming tomorrow, for now watch me break it right on down in video #3 and the others.

Civil Rights:
Scott Hyman $850K
Don Prescott $300K
Julie Prescott $300K

SH $100K
DP $75K
JP $75K

SH $500

Adverse Possession awarded to Don Prescott; Prejudgement Interest computed at 1% per month since July, 2006, I need to get my slide rule out to figure that one out but it's a ton, and it should be a ton.

Somebody wrote in to this blog and suggested the verdict should be $1M, you can see it in one of the posts, I'm late to the airport TTYL.

PS: We already know that I know what I'm talking about in the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up by former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, that's why Screenplay Author Casey Sherman wrote what he wrote about my "incredible work on the case."

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SHE said...

Baruch Hashem and mazel tov to the Mr. Hyman and the Prescotts!!!

Nice to see a little justice for a Yid.