29 June 2010

KingCast says Casey Sherman and much of the Free World know what a great job this blog did uncovering Kelly Ayotte's Franconia lies.

digger678 has made a comment on KingCast, Casey Sherman and veteran officer Brad Whipple call for new Franconia investigation:
hello,when i 1st seen this story on nat.news i thought liko was wrong but after researching this and seeing how mckay stalked that kid,its unbelievable they want to name a road after him,i think i read there were 3 cops in his dept and over a 1 year period like 500 tickits were issued and mckay issued like 495 of them,he should not of been a cop and more so,should not of been a cop in a small town,thanks and take care.

It's so real that it appears Casey Sherman had to de-friend me on FaceBook because people were accusing him of not being objective, even though we both clearly disagree about some things, i.e. Bruce McKay's evil nature. Again, I feel my position is valid, as buttressed by, inter alia, the disposition of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway, see the Cool Cats series featuring Issac Hayes and Jesse Jackson on the intro :)

KingCast: Reel news for real people. Watch the Bowfinger or Bad Blood series, time for part 4 soon. This is Bowfinger, explained, with a KingCast video visit with Ohio Lieutenant Governor candidate Yvette McGee Brown.

PS: And I know exactly what I'm talking about, when I point my cameras at a case. To wit, I knew that the anti-Semitic, racist bigots down in Lakeville (Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Associaion) would get popped, but I didn't think they would get popped for $1.6M. Exclusive video coming tomorrow, for now watch video #3 and the others.

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