10 June 2010

KingCast salutes Motorcycle Magazine for being anti-squid.

I hate squids, I don't even signal to them on the road when I see them. This excellent comparison test between three sporting middleweights puts a reminder out there:
"We consider the GSX650F, Ninja 650R and FZ6R – any of which can beat a Corvette to 100 mph – to be entry level sportbikes, and not necessarily ideal for first-time riders. We’ll leave you with advice we share with our family or friends interested in riding: Don’t walk before you can crawl, and don’t try to sprint until you are a good walker. Use your head, wear the gear, and have fun."

No shit Sherlock, my bike will hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and the big gun bikes will shave half a second or more off of THAT. It's no joke. As far as the bikes go, I used to sell the Suzuki, it's generic. The Yamaha is ugly as hell (the outgoing FZ6 I liked much better, almost bought one) and of course I ride a 650R with substantial verve so yah, I'm biased.

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