25 June 2010

KingCast raw photo presents: Watership Down.

Soooooo.... there is video of the wabbit, may load tomorrow morning.

Related: Lapine! W.D. part one.
In part one he was about 15 feet away, today this wabbit (who looks like Momma) was way across the street, zoom zoom zoom :)

Tangentially-related: Today's cars and motorcycles too often sacrifice feel for power and complexity. I love the little 650R because it has a great feel to it, and still feels fairly light. If it's not fast enough for you on the street, I think you need to re-examine your priorities in life. As for the OTHER wabbit, the new ones are much more solid, faster and safer, but they weigh about 3250 pounds. My first VW GTi made half the horsepower but weighed 1,950 lbs. And it was an absolute blast, too bad these cars are hard to find in good shape on the East Coast these days :(

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