17 June 2010

KingCast presents: Racist Prosecutor Elizabeth Sheibel's self-serving Jason Vassell editorial.

Here it is. I dissected it quickly and with impunity. Excerpt:
2. Given the disparities in criminal backgrounds between Mr. Vassell and his attackers, the severity of discrepancy between the charges sought against Vassell vs. Bosse and Bowes is appalling, and you got caught at it.

3. You have not weighed in on Lieutenant Thrasher’s racist assumptions that Jason Vassell is a drug dealer, when in fact it is much more likely that Messrs Bosse and Bowes have dealt drugs than Mr. Vassell. Have you recommended any discipline for his attitude yet, or will you ever? Go ahead, shock me. Prove me wrong and I'll buy you a beer but we won't go out and smash any windows, eh?
Look, as a former AAG you and I both know we could sit here and throw a ton of legalese back and forth but I find it more compelling to show the video and give it to you short and sweet. And here is what is the shortest and the sweetest:

I believe your actions in prosecutorial discretion constitute a disparate impact against black men. Similar thing as the ridiculous State v. Baran prosecution here, with a lying prosecutor, and Harrington v. Richter down at SCOTUS.

Even if your actions were not racist, they were ridiculous. If you take some sense of pride in that, some kind of some pyrrhic victory suit yourself my friend, but I’m not fooled.

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