24 June 2010

KingCast observes the Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association racist/anti-Semitic case Day3: "Here come the Police!"

19 December 2011 Update:
Scott Hyman and his co-Plaintiffs Don and Julie Prescott got screwed.

Goes to this post.

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Christopher King said...

From the Here Come the Police Part One post:


this is great, if I were a member of this jury I would award Mr. Hyman at least $1 mil. very funny and yet still informative. I'd love to see more from this trial if possible. Keep them coming
By Anonymous, at 7:02 AM


Ahhh, unfortunately I am out of town for what will most assuredly be the balance of the Trial :(

We shall see, I think it is clear that trespass occurred, we will see what the Jury says on that and the other claims.


-The KingCaster.
By Christopher King, at 8:24 AM