21 June 2010

KingCast observes: Racists attack Jewish "kike" in his own home.

Scott Hyman used to be a vibrant, upbeat kind of guy. But that all changed after folks in his racist community smashed his windows with picnic benches, smeared urine and feces throughout his home and committed other acts so incredible as to shock the human conscience. Read this post.

PS: iPhone update I forgot about the ersatz Swastika carved in effigy toward President Obama on a Lakeville golf course. Google it.


Anonymous said...

You have posted a totally false account..listening to the testimony of total fabrication..I object to your summation without listening to the cross examination and the following testimonies

Christopher King said...


Please identify the areas that you believe are false.

Meanwhile, I have comment from Lakeville LE that it was probably youth who did the golf course, their parents were going to have them made responsible until they realized it's a Federal Offense.

I look forward to your detailed, specific response.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Well that response never came.

Anyway, something else from someone else did come:

From the Here Come the Police Part One post:


this is great, if I were a member of this jury I would award Mr. Hyman at least $1 mil. very funny and yet still informative. I'd love to see more from this trial if possible. Keep them coming
By Anonymous, at 7:02 AM


Ahhh, unfortunately I am out of town for what will most assuredly be the balance of the Trial :(

We shall see, I think it is clear that trespass occurred, we will see what the Jury says on that and the other claims.


-The KingCaster.
By Christopher King, at 8:24 AM

Anonymous said...

Thank You Chris for covering this story. It is saddening to see how hateful people are and sick to the core too. Is there anyone who supports him in that community or is it code of silence in fear of retaliation by others? Is Eric Holder going to take this case on or ignore it because Scott Hyman "White" so to say? Any one who considers race is a racist in my book.

Christopher King said...


You should leave a comment on the current post on the top of the blog, peace.