09 June 2010

KingCast is all strung out on Landsdowne Street!

Well tonight we took time out from addressing the failed and racist prosecution of railroaded UMass student Jason Vassell (KingCast video and analysis here) to attend to some serious entertainment from a handful of bands with some serious stringplay. The bands included Comanchero, Kingsley Flood, Coyote Kolb, Autumn Hollow, Big East, and That Old Feelin! and Three Day Threshold (Zac Taylor, my favorite guitarist of the evening was in that band) at a wonderful showcase, courtesy Harpoon Brewery.

Video in the next day or so. It will probably be another KingCast short film instead of raw footage, it's easier to try to work with the sound that way. You should recognize Fiddler Jenée Morgan and the folks from Kingsley Flood from the cover of your Weekly Dig and from last weekend at the Brewery Sessions, they were joined in photo #2 by Chadley Kolb and Matt Maybrook from Coyote Kolb. RIP to Chadley's Uncle Tony Cennamo, a local WBUR music legend.

PS: Kir's assistance on harmonica was key.

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Christopher King said...

There are 4 screen caps in the mix, I'm sure you can figure which ones they are :)

-Not a purist.