27 June 2010

KingCast intrepid reporter returns to the scene of the Quincy Cocaine Road Rage incident.....

Soooo.......Wait for it, after I telephone the clerk's office this morning.

PS: Yes I learned how to type on that very typewriter in 1980, and yes it still works :)

UPDATE: They tell me Robert O'Connell was indicted and bound over to Superior Court Norfolk. Here's a good background post with KingCast TouchFM 106.1 radio segment, so sit yourself on down, line up a Margarita and a couple rails like witness Jennifer Bynarowicz and listen in. Just don't get any on your face like her boyfriend Joey Fasano reportedly had when the paramedics pulled up, followed by a law man and then came a fire truck (Minute to Pray Lyrics, verse II).


SHE said...

Love that pic!!

Christopher King said...


Yes it is a hot pic, in a geeky way.

But it is true to form and true to history.

Old School meets New School.

-The KingCaster.