19 June 2010

KingCast, Governor Patrick, nice bikers and Soul Train dancers headline Boston Juneteenth Celebration, with Justice for Marinova CORI leak promised!

"We're gonna' put it to bed," agreed Governor Patrick. See para. 2, infra. Videos uploading to KingCast65 YouTube Channel, short film coming by noon :) went up exactly at noon.

I give Governor Patrick a hard time sometimes but at the same time I've volunteered for President Obama and him and will probably do so again. But the bottom line, noted (in video of course) in the KingCast coverage of his town hall meeting, is that the historically racist Boston Herald lied about, and Defamed Joanna Marinova when she was working for prison reform with State Rep Gloria Fox and Darrell Jones. Read the Emily Rooney - Beat the Press segment and listen to my radio segment about all of that nonsense, which involves an unauthorized and illegal CORI leak.

I know Governor Patrick is working hard to reform CORI, and this is but one of several battles he faces in that endeavor.

As for the bikers, we got along so well, a common denominator being that we tend NOT to get along with most crotch-rocket riders; we don't tend to have similar interests.

J & R, C & K: Your emails will go out tonight, solid.

Peace, guys and gals :)

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

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Christopher King said...

These are some fun pics!

Wait for the videos, two of them will be up before night's end, some dancers and my brother-to-brother chat with His Excellency.

-The KingCaster.