29 June 2010

KingCast presents: Neighbors!

Here's the Brockton Enterprise story, which does not yet reflect the comment I just posted, as screen captured, above. I trust it will appear shortly, as it does not violate any of the Terms of Service, etc. etc., just good earnest journalism.

And here is the seminal blog entry, replete with video.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Note: Look carefully at the name of the boat I noticed yesterday in the middle of a video.


1. Boston Globe and Fox 25 are totally incommunicado, asleep at the wheel despite being notified about this. They both had good prior coverage, I am holding the Fox 25 VHS (remember those LOL) in my hand, and it will be part of the final KingCast short film. The Globe wrote about a $175K verdict in a Worcester case (which I cannot find online) but this case was ten (10) times that, so yah I find it more newsworthy call me crazy.

2. Attorney (Superlawyer, like Jeffrey Denner from my Boston Bob days) Richard Serkey "We do not have any comment." I wasn't even going to ask him how many closings his firm has done in the area and for which bank, more on this later.

3. Attorneys Minchoff and Kusma will be interviewed this afternoon.

Soooo... videos uploading all night, and a short film tomorrow, including me rolling video of the major media rolling video :)

Channel 5 WCVB TV Newscast
Press Release link
Verdict Link

So here you have three sets of neighbors, one set still tight as Gorilla Glue after 37 years. Another still tight after 5 years. And one set that witnesses acts so severe as to warrant a $1.6M verdict for Civil Rights and property claims in Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Association of Lakeville, MA.

They should have taken the Settlement offer, it was peanuts next to this, but their collective and individual hubris did them in, ahem. As if this is going to be overturned on Appeal, you better think again. The Judge was fair and impartial, didn't kneecap either side. I watched him carefully.

I can't wait to video Joanna Marinova's Defamation case and see what the idiots at the Boston Globe do. As for the Hemlock Defendant, those of you who didn't take the previous advice to cop a Homestead during one of the meetings you selectively notified folks about don't go trying to do it now because you really can't..... You've already got a Judgment against you so that property can be attached, kinda' piercing the corporate veil style 'cos the Association is your Alter Ego. And these homes for most of you are summer homes, Holmes so you can't cop a Homestead on it anyway, that's elementary, Watson. Wave buh'-bye to somebody's property, who will be the sacrificial lamb?

This blog post will be the repository of blog posts that one may access through a blog search for "Scott Hyman," but here is the Chief Post, and another solid early post.

Here is the verdict post:

Civil Rights:
Scott Hyman $850K
Don Prescott $300K
Julie Prescott $300K

SH $100K
DP $75K
JP $75K

SH $500

Adverse Possession awarded to Don Prescott; Prejudgement Interest computed at 1% per month since July, 2006.

It will be a few days before my exclusive final video and interview with Messrs Hyman, Prescott and others is online. I would say it will probably not be up before the weekend. I'm taking my time with this one, and incorporating a lot of footage including the original FOX 25 segment.

Don't worry, it's gonna be good. Real good. Remember what a buoy is, it's a "Dead fucking thing that floats in the water."
KingCast short films One, Two, Three.


PS: Remember the Dan Talbot police murder trial coverage? Well that's coming back around soon, wait for it. Man that case was totally slim shady.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

Defendant Hemlock Association's Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict/Motion for New Trial:
Chiefly it argues that there was not enough indirect evidence to infer that the Association members committed any of the violations complained of. I did not see the entire trial but I did see at least two witnesses testify that they witnessed trespass, as shown in my videos. There are also arguments that the Defense was kneecapped by not being able to introduce evidence they claim could show that "renegade motorcycle clubs" could have burned out Mr. Hyman's Middleboro home. Defendants also claim that they should have been allowed to mention Mr. Hyman's bankruptcy filing but of course if they are permitted to broach that subject then he will be permitted to delve into the attorney fees and costs he has had to pay in the other litigation that he will allege broke his wallet and left him unable to tender an effective subsequent bid on the property. Stay tuned for the Plaintiff's Reply Memorandum.

10:30 a.m. 12 June update, Plaintiff's response:
Okay, I missed several days of trial because I was traveling. Attorney Minchoff is expected to argue on the swastika/feces/urine/picnic tables through the windows that Scott Hyman did produce testimony at trial that Bren Ladino told him "I didn't do it but I'm not saying someone else in the association didn't," and that Ronald Dufresne told him "I don't know who did it but your kind is not welcome here."

This in conjunction with the now-infamous "You wouldn't want to wind up like a buoy would you.... that's a dead fucking thing that floats in the water....."

Objection! you scream..... You can't have Scott Hyman talking about the damages to his house because there's only inferential proof that anyone tied to the Association did it. Well that's a great argument..... except it wasn't made at trial, where the Defendants had only a standing objection to Hearsay. But the Hyman & Prescott observations of the degradation of their respective properties is not Hearsay.... it's a firsthand event, so now the Motion for JNOV is basically asking His Honor to strike that which was not objected to. Once the Jury had the testimony it was not unreasonable for it to find a Causal.

So I don't like Defedant's chances on that, but perhaps the Association could sue Attorney Serkey for malpractice if this is such a key point and he missed it, and then his insurance carrier could settle it up with the Plaintiffs. That would make a nice and tidy picture..... I wouldn't know, because while I was never a "Superlawyer" I also never got sued for malpractice..... I only help people recover for malpractice claims, i.e. Derrick Gillenwater v. "Superlawyer" Jeffrey Denner hahaha.... (Harvard Citizen Media blog coverage).

But alas, I digress. Also interesting is the admission that Hemlock buddy Steven Berk likely committed the arson at Mr. Hyman's Middleboro home (p. 11) but only to get rid of some DNA evidence as opposed to because of Mr. Hyman's Jewish background. Oh, okay, that's cool then..... my bad, dude.

Lastly, there is a reference at page 12 to some allegedly threatening words that Scott Hyman said to a customer about burning houses down. The Motion reads "We [were screwed] because we were precluded inquiry into an intense dispute going on in April, 2006......"

KingCast review of the matter, including a phone call to the hosting newspaper, reveals that the story was written by a reporter no longer at the paper and that the story was written on 4 June 1995. I knew that, I could tell that because of the cars involved. Fascinating.


KingCast sees Jury slam Hemlock Association with $1.6M verdict for Scott Hyman & Prescott family in anti-Semitic, racist bigotry case.

I know exactly what I'm talking about, when I point my cameras at a case. To wit, I knew that the anti-Semitic, racist bigots down in Lakeville (Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Associaion) would get popped, but I didn't think they would get popped for $1.6M. Exclusive video coming tomorrow, for now watch me break it right on down in video #3 and the others.

Civil Rights:
Scott Hyman $850K
Don Prescott $300K
Julie Prescott $300K

SH $100K
DP $75K
JP $75K

SH $500

Adverse Possession awarded to Don Prescott; Prejudgement Interest computed at 1% per month since July, 2006, I need to get my slide rule out to figure that one out but it's a ton, and it should be a ton.

Somebody wrote in to this blog and suggested the verdict should be $1M, you can see it in one of the posts, I'm late to the airport TTYL.

PS: We already know that I know what I'm talking about in the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up by former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, that's why Screenplay Author Casey Sherman wrote what he wrote about my "incredible work on the case."

KingCast says Casey Sherman and much of the Free World know what a great job this blog did uncovering Kelly Ayotte's Franconia lies.

digger678 has made a comment on KingCast, Casey Sherman and veteran officer Brad Whipple call for new Franconia investigation:
hello,when i 1st seen this story on nat.news i thought liko was wrong but after researching this and seeing how mckay stalked that kid,its unbelievable they want to name a road after him,i think i read there were 3 cops in his dept and over a 1 year period like 500 tickits were issued and mckay issued like 495 of them,he should not of been a cop and more so,should not of been a cop in a small town,thanks and take care.

It's so real that it appears Casey Sherman had to de-friend me on FaceBook because people were accusing him of not being objective, even though we both clearly disagree about some things, i.e. Bruce McKay's evil nature. Again, I feel my position is valid, as buttressed by, inter alia, the disposition of SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway, see the Cool Cats series featuring Issac Hayes and Jesse Jackson on the intro :)

KingCast: Reel news for real people. Watch the Bowfinger or Bad Blood series, time for part 4 soon. This is Bowfinger, explained, with a KingCast video visit with Ohio Lieutenant Governor candidate Yvette McGee Brown.

PS: And I know exactly what I'm talking about, when I point my cameras at a case. To wit, I knew that the anti-Semitic, racist bigots down in Lakeville (Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Associaion) would get popped, but I didn't think they would get popped for $1.6M. Exclusive video coming tomorrow, for now watch video #3 and the others.

27 June 2010

KingCast intrepid reporter returns to the scene of the Quincy Cocaine Road Rage incident.....

Soooo.......Wait for it, after I telephone the clerk's office this morning.

PS: Yes I learned how to type on that very typewriter in 1980, and yes it still works :)

UPDATE: They tell me Robert O'Connell was indicted and bound over to Superior Court Norfolk. Here's a good background post with KingCast TouchFM 106.1 radio segment, so sit yourself on down, line up a Margarita and a couple rails like witness Jennifer Bynarowicz and listen in. Just don't get any on your face like her boyfriend Joey Fasano reportedly had when the paramedics pulled up, followed by a law man and then came a fire truck (Minute to Pray Lyrics, verse II).

26 June 2010

KingCast says "Thanks Mom and Dad, for teaching me that soul brothers and sisters come in all colors, I'm free as a bird!"

To wit: Some guy and his Mustang and Bill Toms and John Allaire. Ran into these cats today at the legendary Barking Spider, Bill is a Moondog's regular, all roads lead back to Cherylann Hawk (MySpace) and Moondogs. Short vid coming in the a.m., meanwhile check out Cherylann doing a more recent cut "Molding Starts."

It's about raising children the Right Way.

The Soul Brother with the Mustang, I don't know him but next time I see him I'll have a glossy print for him, for me to pass up a photo op like that would be absolutely criminal!

Peace and Love to all, even the haters. Heck, I'll give you haters a moratorium, shoot me an email and let's crack a cold one and check out some righteous tunes :)

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

KingCast remembers the Quincy "Road Rage" cocaine case that major media seems to have forgotten, entirely.

As someone who has written for a large weekly and a large daily I find it absolutely fascinating how ephemeral some stories are. Take the Quincy "Road Rage" case that I choose to follow. I'm out of town and forgot to call in to the Courthouse yesterday for the (yet again) delayed final pretrial date but when I run a Google search nothing pops up.

In fact, the major press have never appeared at the recent hearings, only me.

So what makes a story front page news.... errr... "All the rage," hahahaa.... one day and a complete non-issue the next?

I don't know. You tell me. I'll tell you what I discover on Monday.

25 June 2010

KingCast raw photo presents: Watership Down.

Soooooo.... there is video of the wabbit, may load tomorrow morning.

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In part one he was about 15 feet away, today this wabbit (who looks like Momma) was way across the street, zoom zoom zoom :)

Tangentially-related: Today's cars and motorcycles too often sacrifice feel for power and complexity. I love the little 650R because it has a great feel to it, and still feels fairly light. If it's not fast enough for you on the street, I think you need to re-examine your priorities in life. As for the OTHER wabbit, the new ones are much more solid, faster and safer, but they weigh about 3250 pounds. My first VW GTi made half the horsepower but weighed 1,950 lbs. And it was an absolute blast, too bad these cars are hard to find in good shape on the East Coast these days :(

KingCast and the iPhone present: Profiles in squid vs. responsible ridership.

Soooo.... I wanted to tell the guy, hey man a little truth in advertising is okay but damn dude you just crashed the gate, not to mention the complete and utter lack of gear..... oh well whatever to each his/her own. In contrast see a wonderful couple (The Lammers) in motion from Ontario to California on their his/her 1977 BMW R100RS machines, nice.

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This just in: Case in point.

KingCast observes John McEnroe's reaction to the death of Michael Jackson.

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24 June 2010

22 June 2010

KingCast observes the Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association racist/anti-Semitic case Day3: "Here come the Police!"

Several area LE have testified and will continue to testify on behalf of the Plaintiff. They are not happy with what they observed out there at the Hemlocks. KingCast video late evening/early morning. For now, you newcomers (and old-timers) enjoy the first two KingCast short films.

The Defense is expected to argue at closing, that any pictures taken of Lot 14 were a Good Faith response to a directive made by Lakeville PD to take photographs of the issues at stake. The Plaintiff is expected to argue that the level of photography, including pictures of young children, exceeded the scope of any such implied authority. Wait for the videos of related testimony, I should have something up Wednesday.

21 June 2010

KingCast says the Scott Hyman v. Hemlock Association racist/anti-Semitic case boils down to a question of Faith.

19 December 2011 Update:
Scott Hyman and his co-Plaintiffs Don and Julie Prescott got screwed.

New KingCast short film late tonight :) LOADED.
You saw the video. Now you see some stills pending this evening's video. On being told that Bren Ladino purports to be half Jewish, Plaintiff Hyman said "Yes, I question her Faith."

Defense counsel wrote it down, everybody wrote it down because his delivery was sincere.

At break, Defendants and their counsel were busy watching KingCast, I grabbed an uber-quick, blurry image, what a hoot. Meanwhile Plaintiff's side is not worried about any of it, they are giving and getting hugs and love.

The Defense strategy thus far was chiefly to:
a) Raise a letter written at the behest of Plainitiff's bank about total loss and fire, as if he had plans to burn down his second property or someone committed arson.
b) Claim that he has honored a Germanic flag, to which he explained that it was a shared symbol by several professional motorcycle builders that "we were into choppers."
c) Beat up on the witnesses, which at once failed and curried no favor among the Jury.

Scott Hyman is a Good Guy, and the ADL should support him in this case. So he got mad once and said something that resulted in a mutual stay away order with Bren Ladino, after what he's been through, Big Whup. Look at the love in that extended almost-family group in the hugs, got that on video and you can feel it. And you also know that part of the reason Scott and Marcia broke up was because of this added stress, but you can see the love and care is still right there.

Meanwhile folks from Lakeville were busy scorching the Earth with makeshift, ersatz Swastikas on the golf course, all aimed at a certain black man named Barack Obama. Query, was this the same set of walking scum who hurt Mr. Hyman and his friends and family?

Update, I have comment from Lakeville LE that it was probably youth who did the golf course, their parents were going to have them made responsible until they realized it's a Federal Offense.

Anyway, the only people you beat up on in front of a Jury are unsympathetic people like bad cops, never a nice, intelligent attractive female teacher, wow. That's trial tactics 101, duh. Let me show you how it's done, at 3:40 in this video from the Dan Talbot Revere police murder trial series. Here we were preparing for a Jury view of the "High Crime Area" which was really Michael Isreal's mother's Civic Award-winning garden. What a crock of dookie, spread thicker than the shit stains spread on Scott Hyman's door handles. That cop, McFadden, actually provided bad testimony that helped send Allen E. Thrower to Death Row for a while..... but I couldn't bring that in. Anyway, ain't it funny how you see a hater get desperate and irrational under pressure?

KingCast observes: Racists attack Jewish "kike" in his own home.

Scott Hyman used to be a vibrant, upbeat kind of guy. But that all changed after folks in his racist community smashed his windows with picnic benches, smeared urine and feces throughout his home and committed other acts so incredible as to shock the human conscience. Read this post.

PS: iPhone update I forgot about the ersatz Swastika carved in effigy toward President Obama on a Lakeville golf course. Google it.

20 June 2010

KingCast presents: The Best Boston Juneteenth video.

Double-Dutch and Money had volume input maxed from an earlier engagement, had to just push the volume down later on edit, which doesn't really help the clarity so that's the only bummer, other than that it is great to be an Intelligent and Free Black Man, doing exactly what I want to do, on my terms. Here are the stills from yesterday.

That's what it's all about, right?

Off for a ride on the 650R, another short film due late night for my Jewish brother Scott Hyman, getting feces and urine dumped in his new home, what an interesting trial that is. Here's some KingCast HD video.

PS: The Honorable Mention Frederick Douglass award was for second place for the entire Midwest region, Good Times. Ain't we lucky we've got em......

19 June 2010

KingCast, Governor Patrick, nice bikers and Soul Train dancers headline Boston Juneteenth Celebration, with Justice for Marinova CORI leak promised!

"We're gonna' put it to bed," agreed Governor Patrick. See para. 2, infra. Videos uploading to KingCast65 YouTube Channel, short film coming by noon :) went up exactly at noon.

I give Governor Patrick a hard time sometimes but at the same time I've volunteered for President Obama and him and will probably do so again. But the bottom line, noted (in video of course) in the KingCast coverage of his town hall meeting, is that the historically racist Boston Herald lied about, and Defamed Joanna Marinova when she was working for prison reform with State Rep Gloria Fox and Darrell Jones. Read the Emily Rooney - Beat the Press segment and listen to my radio segment about all of that nonsense, which involves an unauthorized and illegal CORI leak.

I know Governor Patrick is working hard to reform CORI, and this is but one of several battles he faces in that endeavor.

As for the bikers, we got along so well, a common denominator being that we tend NOT to get along with most crotch-rocket riders; we don't tend to have similar interests.

J & R, C & K: Your emails will go out tonight, solid.

Peace, guys and gals :)

KingCast: Reel news for real people.