04 May 2010

KingCast/Blackenroe productions presents: A tribute to John McEnroe, from Champions Boston 2010.

Is Roger Federer more gifted than McEnroe? Arguably so. But he's not as fun to watch 'cos don't nobody know how to hit a Continental and hang with the Big Guns anymore. As far as I know, only Mac can run that game. I'm pretty sure he could be a top 10 doubles player even at fitty.


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Christopher King said...

You saw w'happened to Jason Watson, right?

He's rehabilitated, apparently.


east boston kid said...

Figure in the Talbot

trial faces charges

Another central figure from

the Officer Dan Talbot murder

trial is again facing charges for

running afoul of the law.

Michael Picardi, 22, is scheduled

for a trial in Boston’s

Suffolk Superior Court on Sept.

8th for larceny over $250 from a

person over 60 or disabled.

Picardi also faces charges for

falsely implicating a Revere man

in an attempted murder case (see

below). That case is supposed to

go to trial on July 20th.

According to prosecutors and

several witnesses, Picardi was

heavily involved in destroying

and disposing the Talbot murder

weapon. However, he was

never charged in that case and

also never served as a witness to

offer testimony in the case.

Picardi not being charged was

chalked up to a “prosecutorial


He certainly faces numerous

charges now.

Lodie update

It appears that Derek Lodie

might be considering a plea

deal in advance of his July 20th

attempted murder trial, sources


Lodie is being charged with

armed assault with intent to

murder and other assault charges

for an incident that happened

on Sept. 23, 2007 - just days

before the murder of Officer

Dan Talbot.

Lodie was a key figure in that

murder and is currently serving

a jail term for his involvement,

which was an accessory charge.

Another Talbot figure,

Michael Picardi, 22, is also

charged in the case for providing

false information to the

police that led to an innocent

man being arrested and jailed for

three months.

Picardi appears to be ready

to head to trial for his charges in

this case.

This weeks Revere journaL.Dear Chris please keep your eyes and ears on this case. This is going to spin you around.Mike p. could not tell the truth if his life was on the line.He told all lies in the Talbot case and is nothing but a freaking junk bag. these are the kind of scum bags the state has to use for convictions.lil Bobby should be coming home soon.picardi not being charged in the talbot case was chalked up to a prosecutorial dicision. wow how can the state let this mike p word put bobby and jimmy in jail.this was kept for the jury a long with mike racca's profer. wow i'm in shock the state got away with this.

Christopher King said...


I blogged this on 28 May 2010.

28 May 2010

KingCast asks, "Did Dan Conley and the Jury wrongfully convict Robert Iacoviello for the murder of Revere Officer Dan Talbot?"