21 May 2010

KingCast salutes cousin Greg Reese, Librarian Extraordinaire.....

When I was in law school Greg Reese (another Mother Ann offspring, this blog is dedicated to her) single-handedly walked into a city rife with corruption, graft and fecklessness and made the East Cleveland Public library a safe haven for children and progressive adults. Greg and my close friend and stellar musician Trent Berry (video) are both Morehouse Graduates, come to think of it. They both clearly love music, I'll never forget taking Greg to the 1985 release of "Stop Making Sense" down at Coventry.....

Greg (caught on video here at Mother's Day brunch) brought in computers, redecorated everything and installed one of the largest fish tanks I've ever seen. As a Jazz afficionado he created a World-class auditorium in the library. It is acoustically-optimized for jazz events. The library has been through some extremely tough times lately however because the scum-sucking bankers and real estate "professionals" who abuse the system and irresponsible and bad-luck buyers have all contributed to a severe downturn in the libraries income base. They've still managed to make it through. His wife Gayle is no shrinking violet either, she and our cousin Teresa are all World-class librarians and that Spirit runs through the family. I don't post my nonprofit videos or other activities in this space because I've got too many haters, but believe me that Spirit is Alive and Well :)

Today the Cleveland Plain Dealer announces his retirement. Somehow I cannot find it online, strange. Anyway, I caught up with him on Mother's Day just after my mother and I caught up with Gubernatorial running mate Yvette McGee Brown, full video of both exchanges coming to a KingCast station near you.

Congratulations Greg, we're all proud of you, even though you still can't beat my father at golf LOL brotha!!!!
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