05 May 2010

KingCast presents: Gotham City part deux, or a Get Out of Jail pass for 'Batman' Jason Watson......

I warned you on 30 March 2010 about the fallout from the Dan Talbot murder trial for which I provided more in courtroom camera and analysis than any other media outlet.

Well the fallout is here today with Federal District Judge Tauro giving Mr. watson time served -- a mere 31 months out of a possible 180 months -- for his repeat offenses and current gun brokering charges. The other blokes drew 150 months and the government asked for downward departure to 75 months. But Tauro topped it all, not even HALF of the government's recommendation while using the word "altruism." Wow.

Why the "Batman" and "Gotham City" theme? Well that's 'cos Mr. Watson had so many A&B cases with a baseball bat that "Batman" became his unofficial name. Beat a 60 year-old man senseless and break his bones? No problem. Involved in a manslaughter situation? No problem? Threaten to shoot the father of the mother of your child in the fucking face so you got yourself a Restraining Order? No problem, you're rehabilitated, dude..... Just provide some information that could get someone convicted. Here's Gotham City 1.


Anonymous said...

Another great witness, I'm sure there will be more to come:

Witness in murder
trial arrested on
assault charges
One of the major witnesses
in the Daniel Talbot murder trial
last January found herself in
trouble last Wednesday, April
28th, when she got into a violent
domestic assault with her female
love interest.
Jeanne Barron, who testified
in the trial for several hours and
who gave key evidence about
what convicted murderer Robert
Iacoviello Jr. told her just before
the shootings, was arrested for
allegedly trying to stab her girlfriend
with a fork in a local
convenience store.
Officers arrived at the
Broadway Convenience store
around 8:30 p.m. and found a
woman running towards them
shouting, "That's her."
The female pointed at Barron
and said she had hit someone in
the store.
Barron and the female were
arguing so fiercely that they had
to be separated by police.
Two witnesses said Barron
had "flipped out" inside the
One of the arguing parties
said that she and Barron had
been an item for two years
before breaking up two weeks
ago. She would not say why
they were arguing, but did confess
that Barron had allegedly
punched her in the face.
The victim also said that
Barron threatened her with a
fork in the store, but never actually
used it.
The fork was later found in
the bushes.
Barron, 24, of 118 Cooledge
St., was charged with assault by
a dangerous weapon (fork) and
assault and battery (domestic).

The Operator said...

Hey another great witness, this trial was a complete joke.I wonder who is paying this girls rent. She goes to get her free daily dose of METHADONE in Chelsea MA. This girl is a disgrace, she becomes the states witness in a murder trial, but we all know that she is living off our government. paid rent, free junk(methadone) food stamps,What a conflict. I wonder what benefits the other witnesses are getting free.It sure pays to become a state witness. What a fucking joke the city of Revere is.from the mayor right down the ladder.