18 May 2010

KingCast: The Cat in the Hat..... or the Cool Cat with the Truth about the Franconia shooting tragedy.

One: Cool Cats in town of Franconia vote down Russell Cumbee's Bruce McKay Highway warrant bill.
Two: Cool Cats in NH State House vote down SB154 Bruce McKay Highway.
Three: Cool Cats in Franconia Town Hall vote down any Bruce McKay Highway.
Four: Cool Cats KingCast and Trent Berry share the perfect pint.

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We miss you Issac, RIP.
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1 comment:

Christopher King said...

Casey Sherman has been duly informed of this development.

And Bill Christy and Quiet Man and Sam Colt and Snowy White (various Internet tools) are hereby put on Notice as well.

McLeod who?

He's outta' there.

More revelations to follow.

The KingCaster a/k/a Negrodamus.