24 May 2010

KingCast asks, "Where the hell is multiple felon Gregory Floyd?"

See how the NH system doesn't tell you if the person is still incarcerated? Interesting. Also interesting is the question of who bought his suits, who paid his property tax lien, who paid for his (multiple) lawyers, all of that. And if he's no longer in the can then we have to have a real address for this tool because he's always on reporting status, duh.

Update: He's still there, last parole hearing continued at his request on 15 April 2010 because he didn't have a place to live. Now I understand that someone paid his lien, as noted above. Here's a video I posted with commentary from a concerned community member, and by all means listen to this morning's North Coast video, "Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3: Aiyana and Ayotte; Liko Kenney lawsuit against Floyd, Franconia."

PS: Remember the fingerprint evidence that should have been maintained but which was not produced in my KingCast v. Ayotte et al. lawsuit? Read about it here, note that all of the links to the documents have been disabled, but I still have the documents. We all know the reason they haven't produced it is because Greg Floyd's fingerprints are all over Liko's second clip because Floyd, not Liko, inserted that clip. This (again) is why Greg Floyd had Liko Kenney's live round in his pocket and was somehow not even searched and was allowed to go home with it, see para. 1 last sentence.

Floyd puts the second clip in, and PRESTO! He can now articulate that Liko Kenney was allegedly an ongoing threat to him, but it doesn't work because as Casey Sherman, Brad Whipple and I all know, Floyd's first two (2) statements to the "Investigating" LE was the he didn't say a word to Liko Kenney before murdering him (IMO). I've put the documents online her on prior occasion so I'm not going to bother with it now, but we all know that makes sense (in a Floyd kinda' way) because he didn't say a word to him before shooting out his windshield with the now infamous Windshield Bullet.

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mominsanity said...

Not a particularly good excuse, but my guess is because the DOC inmate location device is only for inmates that are at the State Prison, in the STate Prison system. The Jails are run on a county by county basis, so they would have to have their own system set up for you to find inmates OR you would have to call them to see if the inmate were still there. Imperfect, yes.

SHE said...

I am confused. I thought the police let Floyd off the same day that he shot Liko. Meaning, he was and continues to be out of prison. ??

Christopher King said...


Floyd was subsequently convicted of threatening his neighbor with a gun.

That in turn violated previous conditions and court orders.

That information is in the April, 2008 blogs.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Was a gun present, Was there any testimony about a gun being present. Once again, you are a liar. Remember a lawyer and a reported are required to have some ethics. I guess that is why you are neither.

You have been anonynoused

Anonymous said...

Nobody paid his lien. This is a "foreclosure deed", that is filed by the lender when they take title after the auction. They have to bid like everyone else and thus the $100,00. Option One is the subprime accessory to Wells Fargo.

Anonymous said...

what's really thought provoking is you have no problem disclosing every aspect of peoples private lives that you have a hardon for even going as far as betraying their trust in you, your disclosures are many times filled half baked truths and outright lies GOD forbid when someone exposes you for the fraud you are the shit hits the fan what business is it of yours or anyone elses who picked up the tab for Floyd more than likely probably the same people that pick up the tab for your never ending lawsuits everywhere you file one...the taxpayers concerning who paid the tax lien for Floyd it will be a cold day in hell before you get that information did you collect your $77. judgement in taxpayer money yet from your suit against Franconia

Christopher King said...


Oh, so I'm not a reporter? That's odd because I still have my valid NENPA credentials that you said would be revoked, hahahaaa.....

Yah, I'm just a reporter with a law degree who has successfully sued for police abuse. What have you done besides sit on the Internet and prove yourself to be an idiot?

Hey jackass, of course there was a gun present, it was Bruce McKay's and no, I did not get the fingerprint analysis because Floyd's prints are ALL OVER LIKO's SECOND CLIP and you know it.



There were many liens on his property that have been paid over time, I posted the foreclosure document last night :)



If you think I've come close to disclosing every element of people's private lives you've got another thing coming.

I walked right past Floyd Jr. twice yesterday and didn't photograph or video him, I'll do that when he next goes to COURT, because that's public My Friend.

As to the money (hundreds of dollars) that Judge Vaughn should have ORDERED Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia to pay me, don't get your panties in a bunch and present them to me.... you need to present those filthy garments to the former selectmen and Chief Montminy, that way they could use them to wipe up the blood from Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay that is staining their hands and reputation.

You have been KingCasted.

Christopher King said...


Moreover, Rich McLeod and Martha McLeod were present at a certain restaurant the other night with Davey Kenney and me, I did not take their pictures or video because unlike the time Martha ran away from Davey and me 2 years ago, this was not a public event.


You need to sit your stupid ass down and read the current post, and watch Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3 'cos you can see the Selectmen depicted in it at :23-:30.