11 May 2010

Hey KingCast you're in Cleveland.... got any thoughts on the current Cavs-Celtics game?

Yah! My Homies and King James are royally stinking the place up. Being from Cleveland of course this is nothing new, and I told you a few days ago that Cleveland could very well (again) snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and it appears that they are well on their way This ain't no Bill Cosby chocolate pudding ;)

Not pictured: My father, sleeping on the couch. His contribution to the game just about equals that of the Cavs! Shit, suit us up, we can't do much worse than these guys and we can help beat the salary cap. One of my favorite Elvis Costello songs is "Possession" -- at :48
"You lack lust..... you're so lackluster... is that all the strength you can muster........"
Negrodamus says if the Cavs loose this one don't look for them to bust a grape in Boston..... that will be a negative.

Only question that remains is whether Lebron will remain in Cleveland but if he plays so lackluster when we really need him, he's expendable. Charles Barkley was astounded as well. He didn't get his hands dirty, it's the tennis equivalent of double faulting away every single game. You have to make them PLAY THE BALL!


Christopher King said...

Not to take anything away from a great Celtics team but the Cavs put up the most spineless performance I have ever seen them produce.

Simply astounding.

WTF guys did you think Boston was just going to give you a walkover to Game 6?

-The KingCaster.

SHE said...

Nice to have the KingCaster back in Boston. :-)