05 April 2010

New England Street Riders applaud KingCast, Boston Traffic Tzar Tom Tinlin and Mayor Menino for ending No-Angle Parking.

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 2:40 PM, Alex Tselevich (from NESR) wrote:

Dear Mayor Menino and Transportation Commissioner Tinlin:

We are glad to hear that you have been discussing the no-angle parking ban with Richard Shoefield from Mass Motorcycle and individual citizens like KingCast. This is just a note to show our support for your efforts at parking reform to encourage the use of dedicated parking and/or multiple parking spaces at one meter for motorcycles and large scooters, much like we see at the beach the first link. [This link has Tinlin on KingCast video]

The City should be encouraging the use of these machines and not ticketing bikes and making them park in a less stable manner, as noted in this post and i-Paper document [Note the iPaper doc is no longer hosted I will repost shortly]

We thank you in advance for your continued time and attention to this matter.

NESR member
Alex Tselevich
PS: Hey Alex I'll be back up on NESR tomorrow thanks for the reminder I just went all through NH Satty see you soon.

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Christopher King said...

I've never owned a scooter. The girly girl has a newer but two-stroke 50cc.

I remember the old days of the 200PE etc. and here's a nice one that sold for $5K U.S. in Ohio last year.

The Honda Mini-Trail 70 is also great, although some of these are just way out of control.

Way out of control :)