18 April 2010

KingCast site of the month: 2 Penney Productions, also working on a Franconia shooting tragedy project.

Lookit: These cool cats at 2Penney are from North Country and they have had personal experience with Bruce McKay and other North Country LE. They are not some proverbial "cop haters" but rather they are kind, considerate and rational people who have some concerns. Serious concerns. What they are doing with those concerns will remain between them, me and the fencepost for the time being.

To wit: Bruce McKay following a 16 year-old girl into her bedroom when she couldn't locate her driver's license. Why do that? I think a seat at the dining room table would suffice, Bruce.

To wit: "Another incident for your files:
Summer of 2006. My now husband Dan and I were going up Rt. 18, toward Cannon Mountain and out past Hillwinds, to visit his sister, who lives up there. Suddenly, from behind a row of trees, blue lights were coming right at us. He cut across our lane to chase a driver going the other way (not that fast either). He almost hit us and scared the crap out of us. When we got to Sharon's we called the PD to file a complaint.

Guess who brought the form? McKay himself, the one who almost hit us. Somehow that complaint never made it to the chief's desk, we figure, because we never heard anything. And follow-up calls were not returned. Unfortunately, we didn't make copies of the forms we filled out."

KingCast says: No surprises there. I'm sure many of y'all have seen the 911: Injustice on Stilts video at the KingCast home page, and here's your Bruce McKay legacy post. And don't forget the Casey Sherman book launch post, with a baker's dozen of excellent threads linked and explained.


Anonymous said...

Would a request under 91-A answer the question of whether or not McKay destroyed the complaint?

Christopher King said...

Been there done that.

They would dodge it in their own inimitable way and the Court would help them.

Remember the missing Troy Watts Ethics Complaint?



-The KingCaster.