10 April 2010

KingCast schools a tool on GSR, the Franconia shooting tragedy, SB 154 and Ambulance chasing.

From this post showing the windshield bullet, read the comment how this tool says I'm GSR is irrelevant and I'm an ambulance chaser. Notably absent is any commentary from this tool about the fact that the windshield bullet conclusively shows that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and multiple-felon Gregory Floyd and most of the entire upper echelon LE community in New Hampshire completely LIED. It will all come out, dude. KingCast.... rock steady, rock hard, rock on.


GSR is such a joke that they administered it to Caleb Macaulay. If Bruce had not fired his gun in the past day GSR in this case would undoubtedly tell us whether he fired it on 5/11.

What's next you're telling me fingerprint analysis is worthless too?
You're a tool.

I'm busy with nonprofit City Year work.

I'm busy with other nonprofit work you'll never know about because you're a haterhead.

I'm busy monitoring the Defamation case I helped occasion through zealous reporting.

And coincidentally enough, I did document a pedestrian accident in front of my apartment yesterday so that the victim and her boyfriend can obtain some measure of closure from the car operator that hit her in the crosswalk. Image one, Image two, video uploading. Thanks for the subject matter of my next post and have a nice day.

-The KingCaster.


Christopher King said...

It was crazy how it happened... my landlord and I heard the screams, I had just stepped off the bike and the screams were echoing in my helmet, we both are looking for weapons thinking there's a rape or assault or something going down, then I see the young lady on the ground.

Another witness and I was first two her and made sure she stayed flat on the ground and tried to get her to stop moving.

In the end she appears to have no major (i.e. life-threatening) injuries, thank goodness.

But she's gonna' be sore as hell for a while, I know THAT much.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

When you enlarge the picture and look through the raindrops you can see those are her glasses that were knocked off her head and I almost stepped on them when I put my helmet down :(


Anonymous said...

It's also why defense attorneys and many experts worry about contamination, and why some departments don't bother with the science. Gunshot residue, they say, can mean someone fired a gun, or was next to a gun, or touched a person who fired a gun, or touched a car seat where someone who fired a gun once sat.

Christopher King said...

Yah but there had better be GSR on Caleb and Liko's clothing but I'll bet there isn't any on Caleb's because

a) Liko fired outside the window

b) Floyd did not actually shoot Liko as he says he did, he shot from outside the raised window.

Recall the Official Report,

"The Window was in the raised position..."

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Cpl. Mckay never fired his weapon, Floyd is a lying peice of garbage. He fired on Liko before he ran over Cpl. Mckay. Not to say it was ok for LIKO to shoot the corporal four times. i have first hand knowledge that the corporal never fired his weapon. I also have 1st hand knowledge Floyd fired before the Corporal was run over. Why wasnt Floyd chatged with tampering with a crime scene for taking home a live round?