30 April 2010

KingCast says Neil Tobin, Mass Division of Banks still trying to railroad Black female mortgage broker Cat Gibbons on Stated Income Deals.

These cats are shameless. Hearing Officer Neil Tobin (speaking for the DOB apparently) rejected her proposed modifications to a Confidentiality Agreement that would explicitly allow her to file requested documents in subsequent court actions. Obviously she has a right to appeal any adverse administrative action using relevant documents from the proceeding, any other approach is Unconstitutional.

So she signed the Agreement as is but now they have issued her another letter attempting to modify the Agreement and tell her she can't even show the documents to her witnesses who will be testifying at her hearing. That's bullshit and they know it. Bull. Shit. And it's never going to pass Constitutional muster.

They have also inserted another phantom letter that was never in her file, the same way they did at MCAD.

And they still have not provided her with:

a) her complete file, including correspondence both ways,
b) a list of the names of brokers who did Stated Deals because she will be able to show that they came after her arbitrarily and/or in racist and retaliatory fashion because there were other brokers with complaint histories against them and lower ratings against whom the DOB did NOT seek enforcement proceedings. Cat Gibbons and Miracle Mortgage did not deceive any buyers or put them in Harm's Way, she followed the guidelines of her lender.... who was not punished by DOB, BTW. Read more.

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