20 April 2010

KingCast says, "Goodnight, GURU."

So progressive Hip-Hop artist GURU (yes, from Roxbury, MA) dies on the very day that progressive Hip-Hop artist Dagha rocked the America SCORES Poetry Slam! at NYSE. Dwayne, folks like you have to carry the torch. For those who don't know, GURU was a pioneer who shunned the big bling and violence of his peers and suffered being labeled as "soft," etc. etc. for quite some time.

His father is Judge Harry Elam, who studied the failure of Massachusetts prisons long before the Harshbarger Report. I am still seeking information about how much that Report cost.

All the while he was busy making incredible music with dozens of artists from all across the World. Just run a check for the Jazzmatazz series, at one point I have owned them all. You know, hip hop/jazz you could play for your family or a nice lady on a date, really Good Stuff. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing of cancer at 43 and have contacted his Foundation for troubled children, Each One Counts.
Gifted. Unlimited. Rhymes. Universal.

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