23 April 2010

KingCast says: "Go Buckeyes!!!!"

Soooo...... I have been monitoring my neighbor's buckeye tree this spring, this succession of photos was about a 10-day spread, love it. I'll be adding photos during the day. While I would consider myself somewhat of an athlete, and while I certainly did my share of tailgating in Columbus, sports are more Cousin Mike's thing than mine. As for me, the name of the blog is the name of the game, I thought you knew.

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Christopher King said...

Substantial chromatic aberration with the more complex pics with the Canon S5 IS (sold it), the only pic with the newbie SX20 IS is the top photo but you can tell it's of better qualitaaaaay.

But still not as good as the old S2 IS (kept it) which I am about to have serviced to maintain as a still camera, to me it's near DSLR qualitaaay, check the Frederick Douglass shot.

The deal is Canon increased the megapixel count from 5 to 12 but the sensor is only so big, and that wreaks havoc with the pics, that's my understanding of it.

-The KingCaster.