21 April 2010

KingCast reminds Mass Division of Banks Hearing Officer Neil Tobin in the Cat Gibbons case: Don't be Arbitrary or Capricious.

Update: Hearings all postponed for 2 weeks immediately after Ms. Gibbons issued subpoena requests. I don't know why they're shocked, we already published the FACT that she is ready, willing and able to take LIE DETECTOR tests to bolster her position. We know damn well the DOB will not.

Ms. Gibbons wants to know how many brokers conducted Stated Income Deals. The Division of Banks has this information and must provide it. We aim to ferret out the factors that determine if and when the Division actually goes to issue an enforcement action for doing Stated Income Deals. Hell I closed several such deals for white-owned firms all of the time. You are basically vouching that they could handle the loan based on any one or several intangible criteria including ability to earn, current assets, etc. etc. Watch Ms. Gibbons begin to 'splain it to Hearing Officer Tobin, who unfortunately cuts her off. He can't cut her off at Hearing when she breaks it down even further, with documents I have personally seen, looking at them right here, right now bubba.

He didn't want to hear it.

Remember, the DOB didn't do a damn thing for Cat Gibbons when she was being hosed by unscrupulous real estate "professionals" she filed complaints against, even though some of those very same "professionals" had already received Cease & Desist Orders in Vermont. Fidelity Guarantee Mortgage Corporation v. T Reben, 809 F2d 931 (1987). Read about it here.

Lastly, Ms. Gibbons swears that Christopher Pope was present at the informal hearing back in the Day. Now DOB Attorneys are telling us that he was not at the hearing, after initially telling us that he was at that hearing. That's how I have his name on this blog dammit. What the hell is going on, guys...... You trying to get around Ms. Gibbon's Subpoena request for Pope and other witnesses to appear and answer questions? Attorney DeSai did you provide Ms. Gibbons a copy of your letter to Neil Tobin from last week? She doesn't have it yet.....

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