02 April 2010

KingCast reminds Madame Chair Bouchard on SB 154: Time, Place and Manner only please, do NOT practice viewpoint-based First Amendment Discrimination.

Casey Sherman Bad Blood movie update: Red Hawk Entertainment's Dorothy Aufiero will produce the film. You know, Julie Delpy (amazing in Killing Zoe), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Val Kilmer, etc. And even though Casey and I disagree on some aspects of the case, the film will keep it on the front burner of the American Conscience, and folks will undoubtedly get to read my blog and they can figure things out for themselves, that's how a Free Society works, right. Here's some KingCast footage of Casey's Bad Blood book launch, along with video with Casey, retired area LE Brad Whipple (he told them to fire Bruce McKay a long time ago and they ignored him) and me, along with a documented history of the case.

Here is a comment from yesterday's seminal cool cats post on the SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway bill, and how Liko Kenney has been denied procedural and substantive due process:
Wow, I personally feel that King was treated far differently than other speakers. Sharon Davis was allowed to read a letter that was based on Mckay's father's personal opinion about the laws, etc in our country and how ALL of the country was different than when he grew up...how off track is that from the topic, yet it was allowed. Davis spent her time also speaking about "that day" and not the bill!

KingCast says: There is no doubt that Madame Chair practiced viewpoint based First Amendment Discrimination.

I hope you lawyers don't need me to explain that, it's obvious.

For you laypeople, Sharon Davis McKay and others were permitted to testify about the quality and quantity of complaints issued against Bruce McKay.

They were also permitted to testify about issues that were the byproduct of Kelly Ayotte's investigation.

But I was not permitted to call any of that into question, which is ludicrous given the emails I have sent to the Committee and my history with this case and the thousands of hours I have spent thoroughly documenting everything I say.

That is a Content-based restriction, which is impermissible in an open forum like this. I have changed law and policy on a similar matter in New Hampshire, read it right here, here is page two and it's part of the reason why Mayor Streeter awarded me a First Amendment Commendation.

Mayor Streeter has the longest tenure of anyone on the Governor's Council, so heck no, I'm not going to tolerate this sort of First Amendment abuse lightly. The name of the blog is the name of the game, I thought you knew.

Instead I will note it for the record and keep on keepin' on, as Mother Ann would want it.

-The KingCaster.

The spent shell casings conclusively prove that Gregory Floyd and Kelly Ayotte are World-Class liars. Click the links in the "nigger, spear chucker, jungle bunny post."

PPS: I didn't get interrupted when I spoke before the Massachusetts Senate (Watch me discuss the bill I conceived, "Robert Taylor's Law" here), so why now? We know why. It's called Unconstitutional, viewpoint-based discrimination.


Christopher King said...

How exactly does one "speak to the bill" without speaking about the history of the officer in question?

Madame Chair basically tried to reduce my entire presentation to "yay or nay" and that's Constitutionally impermissible.

You cannot tell me what to talk about when I get to the microphone unless what I say is clearly off topic, and nothing I said was clearly off topic.

Not to mention the FACT that Sharon Davis McKay was permitted to say whatever she wanted to.

I expect more from our elected officials, and I expect an apology from Madame Chair but I won't hold my breath.

Instead I'll hold on to this video, I'll take what I can get.

Oh, America the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

OKAY so this is ANON... she needs either STACY AN CLINTON or SHE NEEDS TO git lyd. LOL. Come on PEOPLE, lets all be at least slightly HUMAN. (This is where women have some trouble in the pursuit of powah...)

Christopher King said...

From another recent post:

Sorry 6:03 and at 7:04,

Your assumption that all the anonymous posters are King would indeed include your posts as well. You don't like that someone pops in and interrupts your personal battle with King by pointing out the obvious in that meeting????

You are so blinded by your own inner rage at this point that you see nothing but black and white.

King and Sorg were shut down repeatedly at this meeting. They let others on both sides speak their piece. Ginny Jeffreys was even allowed to speak of the "03" incident and her personal opinion on Liko's level of fear. She was allowed to speak of "primal defenses", etc. And she should have been able to. Just as King and Sorg should have been allowed their say. People were there to explain why they were against the highway renaming not just, "I am for or against". To suggest the latter is unconstitutional and I, quite frankly found it very unsettling to watch this happen within what is supposed to be a democratic society.

In my opinion, people perceived to be most politically threatening by the committee were "muted". Worse yet, perhaps they just didn't want to be bothered and wanted to make sure they got out of work on time to see their favorite nightly program. There really is no good reason to treat citizens in such a manner - none.

I am not Chris King or someone in close contact with him. You choose to insult and rage on at and with King but there is no need to attack all posters that do not agree with your personal views as being imposters for King.

By Anonymous, at 6:07 AM