15 April 2010

KingCast reminds Harvery Silverglate: Scheibel prosecutes bullies when they harm white girls, but she rewards them for bullying nigger Jason Vassell.

Dear Attorney Silverglate:

I read your columns frequently and typically agree with you. In fact, I agree with your recent column that asks whether Beacon Hill is being bullied into passing legislation that is arguably antithetical to the First Amendment in the wake of the tragic suicide of Phoebe Prince. You wrote
Newspaper columns and editorials praised Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel’s forceful response to the Prince incident

But here's where you need to complete your analysis with a reference back to Jason Vassell: The same Elizabeth Scheibel who is pressing for the legislation on school bullying didn't give a damn when two white drunken dirtbags named Jon Bosse and John Bowes dropped them niggerbombs on Jason Vassell, broke his window, charged into his building and broke his nose. In fact, she didn't even prosecute one of them at all, and never levied charges for criminal destruction of property or public intoxication against either of these men, who have thus far shown themselves to be quite the waste of human protoplasm, arguments for retroactive abortion IMO. Extensive KingCast video and picture essay on last month's hearing is right here.

Seriously Harvey, how can you excuse those (in)actions?

You cannot excuse those (in)actions.

The difference between the bullying in the school case and the hate crimes in the Vassell case that were given a milquetoast prosecution by Scheibel is that a hate crime is something that is motivated out of animus toward someone solely because of their immutable characteristics as defined by the United States Supreme Court. To me, that makes it a separate crime because that sort of thing is what has torn our country apart since Day One and the government has a compelling governmental interesting in addressing it.

But then what do I know about the First Amendent and Free Speech? I dunno, ask Proskauer, Rose + the ACLU, Derrick Gillenwater, Jeffrey Denner, Kevin Barron and Harvard Citzen Media, the Harvard folks having agreed with me that Courts in Boston were actively engaged in Unconstitutional Prior Restraint against surprise, surprise, ANOTHER BLACK MAN, some call us niggers, but whatever dude surely you get the point.

In fact, I've told you about all of that, you're on my email distribution list. But then what do I know about hate crimes, having hosted a hate crimes forum at Case Western Law School when I was simultaneously clerking for the Ohio AG's Office and noted Civil Rights/Criminal Defense Attorney Terry Gilbert. This was probably some time before John Bowes made his thug life known to the Free World by, inter alia, pouring beer on women and calling them "cunt" and "whore."

Lookit: I'm not here to mince words about these assholes, and I'm certainly not going to keep a Civil Tongue about Attorney Sheibel, she's a Janus-faced, hypocritical racist pig and I'm quite glad to note as much for the record.

Click to enlarge, read to be outraged. The one on the right, replete with your typical drunken angry sexually insecure white male misogynist "whore, cunt" ramblings is but one of six (6) different incidences of violence in which Jon Bosse and John Bowes have been involved in since 2003, some involving axe blades and handles, others involving the nigger bomb, etc. etc. these guys are real dirtbags, totally. Here's some back story.

Reel news for real people, the bullshit they can keep. I don't have time, Sir and neither do you. Let the chips fall as they may.

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