23 April 2010

KingCast says KZ900 or 650R, Kawasaki still lets the Good Times roll!

Sooo... This is B's bike, a '76 ('73 was the first year).... I wrote about such a machine in this post, B watch the H1 two-stroke wheelie video, LOL. His bike is a Real World machine. It's no trailer queen and it's got its share of issues in the carb & compression arenas.... Whether he keeps it or not I hope somebody takes care of the Old Girl. It was the start of an era. I don't count the '69 Honda 750 so much because this bike totally eclipsed it, although the Honda clearly ushered in the modern era of OHC multi-cylinder machines. But I still like two strokes "more" in a sense. Hell all this bike talk, I gotta' go for a ride after my afternoon siesta, prolly head over to the tennis club.

KingCast: We do what we want to do. It's a Free Country, right.


bensani said...

yer fast.



Christopher King said...


No time to waste.

You think that's fast let's go for a ride LOL :)


PS: That's a great site, how do I access them, I have pics that could work there from time to time, such as these in the American Beauty post.