26 April 2010

KingCast presents: The Citibank Defense.... "You were sarcastic when you asked to open a bank account." Watch for the Post Hearing Brief.

Sooooo.... An excerpt from the Post Hearing Brief, when in doubt bring in the minority lawyer to defend discrimination cases..... Today at hearing Respondent’s counsel said that Citibank’s history of proved lies and deceit were not relevant, yet it was Citibank who started this dirty game by referencing items in my past back to 1996, and that’s a FACT.
It’s their Modus Operandi, as noted by several legal bloggers. Do whatever you can to stain the victim, just ask Madison Square Garden victims Courtney Prince and Anucha Browne Sanders:

Writes one lawyer at Main Street U.S.A. blog, 19 April 2007.
Kind of a come hither photo for a law firm bio, no? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Rodriguez is a fifth year lawyer with an impressive pedigree (Yale, Columbia Law), but not a lot of experience to be the lead lawyer in a high-profile case. I wonder if she is the lead attorney on the case? Or is she just being used to put out the smear so the big name partner who is handling the case doesn't have to get his/her hands dirty? Is MSG using a woman (and a minority) as window dressing? I handled many sex discrimination cases where young female lawyers were included on the defense team for that very reason.

Today I continued to show how the teller had no credibility as well as the FACT that Manager Carlo Caramanna definitely exercised his authority to be the Decision Maker to DENY me the right to open a bank account. No matter how hard Citibank tries, they cannot make that go away.

Respondent Citibank raised Derrick Gillenwater when they wanted to, in order to say that the bank offered him to open an account. But I said hey if you bring him in penny you bring him in dollar and he clearly says that Citibank reneged on the promise to cash his check when he got updated ID. This means that local Counsel Benjamin Vellela is a complete liar too, as shown in the movie. Then they say "This is the first time we've heard that Derrick Gillenwater was reacting to another statement when he said "watch your back."

Well that's not my fault that the scumbags at the bank didn't tell their counsel what really happened. We'll get there in Superior Court if necessary.

Lastly as to the allegation that I was "sarcastic" about opening an account, I said I was snippy or somewhat sarcastic to the extent that Carlo Carmanna had already threatened to arrest me when he picked up the phone. They can't get away from that as we move toward Superior Court I will subpoena that video, and when a Jury looks at my body language they will know I was not creating the disturbance that Citibank alleges. And as noted, how sarcastic was I really being, considering:

a) all of my hard work in getting ACL/Proskauer to review the case;
b) asked Carla Caramanna for the name and card of his supervisor.

Their position is so absurd, they acknowledge that I asked for the card but why on Earth would I ask for such a thing unless I meant business about opening an account? Citibank is trying to stand common sense on its head, once again. How can Morgan Lewis Attorneys keep their heads up as they try to defend this case? Melissa Rodriguez seems to be having a tough time at it, photographed in an open lobby, not in a hearing.


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