20 April 2010

KingCast presents: A Buick so nasty it hurts.

Look how clean the lines are on this '72 LeSabre. That's one of the last great American Motorcars, a total dinosaur and roughly twice the size (seriously, almost twice the weight) of my '74 2002tii, but sooo cool. I thought it was a '71. Here's a '71 in Starsky & Hutch. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I am wrong :)
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Christopher King said...

I am becoming kind of anti-car lately. You simply don't need one if you live in Boston, and it's a pain in the ass to park, you're wasting fuel, all of that.

Don't look for me to sell the Bimmer anytime soon, I'm just sayin'.

The reason I like older cars is because you can actually hit the gas in them for more than a couple of seconds and keep your license intact, plus they have character.... everything didn't look almost exactly the same, like today's soapcakes.

Also they harken back to an era of promise.... life was going to be great for Americans, Civil Rights were going to be taken seriously and the Nation would not be subject to the Ravages of War that we had seen in Vietnam.


-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris ...
Cool, its first time I'm on a blog, very cool, by the way, my car is Buick Centurion 1972 ...
If one day you wana drive it, its with pleasure ..
Fred, a French guy living in Wilton

Christopher King said...

I wanna say it was the same as the Olds Delta 88 body series but infinitely prettier.

Whatever, they're both pretty much dead marques anyway LOL.


Fred Chovet said...

Hi Christopher,

I'm the French guy whose car is in the picture...thanks, very cool comments! BTW, it's a 72 Buick Centurion - the two-door version of the Le Sabre. Glad you enjoyed seeing it!
Keep in touch.


Christopher King said...

Bonne Soir Monsieur at Madame,

J'ai oublie le nom "Centurion!!"

Ma Soeur habit en CT -- Mon plaisir de faire le connaissance... c'est tout que je peut faire en Francais....

So you can email me at the addy on my card and next time I come down I will shoot over to Wilton to check out your vintage rides. There are a lot of cars on this blog but it's just stream of consciousness so you can run marque searches in all of your spare time in the top left corner :)

-The KingCaster.