04 April 2010

KingCast presents: Birds of Peace, chronicles of war.

You know, I've always loved the people of New Hampshire. I said so five (5) years ago from Wildcat Mountain. It's certain elements of the government, like the deceitful and lying former NH AG and U.S. Senate Hopeful Kelly Ayotte that I can't stand. Off with her head, I say, in the figurative sense in the instant classic "Let them eat brioche post." Good Thing folks will get to see how she really runs a murder "investigation" thanks to Casey Sherman's upcoming movie. The Screenplay will be based on his book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

Who will play me as government foil extraordinaire and global emcee? Frankly, I don't know..... Casey and I joked that Denzel would do it, and I said I be would thrilled if Mos Def made an appearance (see also "Something the Lord Made") but whatever the case I just hope more people get a chance to witness the American Legal System at work.

Read more about all of this in yesterday's post. In said post I noted how Committee Chair Bouchard was practicing Unconstitutional speech discrimination against me as I opposed SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway, a ridiculous bill promoted by out-of-town LE trying to ram it down the throats of Franconia/Sugar Hill area citizens. As the Amherst Veteran's statue reminds us, folks died in the Civil War for the pursuit of Justice. They didn't do that so that government could try to put a muzzle over our mouths, ahem.

It was a beautiful ride today, met some nice peoples. M deRham snapped off the last photo of the Horn Band, playing at Mojo in honor of Bode, who trifecta'd at the Olympics: Bronze, Silver Gold.... and got nothing from Governor Lynch that I am aware of. More pics may follow.


Anonymous said...

The chairperson treated you in the same manner as everyone else who did not stay on the discussion of the matter before them. This hearing was not a trial of Cpl. McKay it was about the roadnaming period. Your videos show the difference between you and the other people who spoke that she reminded to stay on topic. You had a total lack of respect for her and and every other person on the committee by your talking over her as she was addressing you and your general argumentativeness. From the moment you first started to address teh committe you were already in your know it all I'm going to school all of you mode.

You were never a taxpaying resident of Franconia, nor are you a resident of the state of New Hampshire now. In my opinion your vote in opposition should not have even been counted.

Christopher King said...

Nah it doesn't work like that. If Senators from outside the area can have a say (and those are the ONLY Statespeople who sponsored this mule) then I, as a taxpayer in NH during the whole episode certainly have a say as well.

Also, from another post:

Sorry 6:03 and at 7:04,

Your assumption that all the anonymous posters are King would indeed include your posts as well. You don't like that someone pops in and interrupts your personal battle with King by pointing out the obvious in that meeting????

You are so blinded by your own inner rage at this point that you see nothing but black and white.

King and Sorg were shut down repeatedly at this meeting. They let others on both sides speak their piece. Ginny Jeffreys was even allowed to speak of the "03" incident and her personal opinion on Liko's level of fear. She was allowed to speak of "primal defenses", etc. And she should have been able to. Just as King and Sorg should have been allowed their say. People were there to explain why they were against the highway renaming not just, "I am for or against". To suggest the latter is unconstitutional and I, quite frankly found it very unsettling to watch this happen within what is supposed to be a democratic society.

In my opinion, people perceived to be most politically threatening by the committee were "muted". Worse yet, perhaps they just didn't want to be bothered and wanted to make sure they got out of work on time to see their favorite nightly program. There really is no good reason to treat citizens in such a manner - none.

I am not Chris King or someone in close contact with him. You choose to insult and rage on at and with King but there is no need to attack all posters that do not agree with your personal views as being imposters for King.

By Anonymous, at 6:07 AM

And this:

Wow, I personally feel that King was treated far differently than other speakers. Sharon Davis was allowed to read a letter that was based on Mckay's father's personal opinion about the laws, etc in our country and how ALL of the country was different than when he grew up...how off track is that from the topic, yet it was allowed. Davis spent her time also speaking about "that day" and not the bill!


Who will play you in the movie, Bill?

Nobody cares

Second Answer:
Sideshow Bob. Go fly a plane dude, you crashed and burned.

-The KingCaster

PS: Call me a motherfucker again, though, that will make you feel better I guess.

Christopher King said...

6:16 writes:

"From the moment you first started to address teh(sic) committe(sic) you were already in your know it all I'm going to school all of you mode...."

.....Excuse me?

You have a problem with a citizen confidently standing before a Committee and stating the basis for their objections?

Was I rude? No.
Was I finger pointing? No.
Was I loud? No.
Was I dressed inappropriately? No.

Did I have inappropriate thoughts?
Apparently so.

But our government is not the thought police. You want that sort of government you can take your raggedy ass right out of my country, 'cos like I say folks DIED for my Civil Rights, My Friend.

If you can't appreciate that then maybe it's best you just leave the Country I love and cherish because you obviously have no respect for the ideals on which it is based.

I have spoken.

You have been KingCasted. You may feel a slight burn between your ears, mild heart palpitations, some excess saliva at the corners of your mouth (read: frothing) and a light ringing in your head throughout the day, along with a general sense of social and intellectual (to the extent you have an intellect) malaise. These symptoms will dissipate as you come to accept the Truth.

-The KingCaster.