29 April 2010

KingCast gets some new shoes for the 650R: The Michelin Pilot Powers.

Soooo..... yah yah yah rah rah rah the 2CTs are really the shit, but how often do I push my bike hard enough to use them, not much. I may have 2 track days this year, lah-dee-dah.


SHE said...

Mazel tov on new shoes! I LOVE shoes! That is truly exciting!

But what's all this about tires? That video was really boring.


Christopher King said...

I dunno, it's pretty exciting, exhilarating in fact for those who grace the back of that 650R ;)

I love the way he says "Shipped to your door!" LOL, sounds like a total Canuck, eh'?

-The KingCaster.