07 April 2010

KingCast challenges Governor Patrick to his Oath of Transparency on the CORI/HERALD/Defamation case: Actually meet with Darrell Jones, Sir.

Six months ago I volunteered for Governor Patrick as President Obama came to the Westin. They both spoke of progressive government and transparency.

Six weeks ago Governor Patrick promised "a thorough investigation," into a blatant CORI violation and Defamation issued involving the DOC, Joanna Marinova, State Representative Fox, the Boston Herald and Channel 7. He said that his office/cabinet would "get to the bottom of this," and that "I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy."

Yet to this day date and time no one from Governor Patrick's administration or cabinet has ever met with Darrell Jones, the prisoner who has single-handedly done more for at-risk youth than anyone else in the entire State. We have the phone calls to prove it. Remember folks, all calls to and from inmates are maintained and recorded, for transparency's sake, of course.

Why has Marybeth Heffernan seized communications with Joanna Marinova after specifically asking her for information, read the email from exactly a year ago!

Why did Governor Patrick appoint the same derelict body of people (James Bender and Department of Central Investigation) to investigate this CORI leak and Defamation example who allowed it to occur in the first place? They promised Joanna Marinova and State Rep Fox an independent investigation, so what's up?

Why did it take me weeks on end to even get that admission?

Why did the Governor apparently ignore the Harshbarger investigation that held that the Department was not trustworthy in the least? How much did that investigation cost? Please consider this a public information request pursuant to MGL 66 § 10.

Obviously the Commission finds Harshburger to be credible, as he was credible when he was an active prosecutor and locking people up, and he was again credible when he conducted the ACORN investigation.


Dear Governor: When you make promises as you did, involving Darrell Jones, you put him at risk. You should know this, you're a bright guy. But not only do you put him at risk, you put more people on the streets at risk by diluting the impact of his efforts that have been thoroughly documented by WBZ TV, Jamaica Plain Gazette and many others in the community.

For more go directly to: prejudgedarrelljones.com

Your Excellency, many of us are, quite frankly, fed up. And you are about to see some things happen that you've never imagined because of it. You've left us nowhere else to go, and that's what I told Mr. Jones today when I visited him. I didn't need to develop any story when I visited, this blog post was already written. I just communicated it to Darrell, and there's no prohibition against that.

More irony or coincidence:
Yesterday I ran into Robin Hester, who claims that DOC arbitrarily barred her from a facility for something that allegedly happened months ago. She has visited several times since the alleged infraction. She was also there when State Rep Fox and Joanna Marinova were visiting and getting the rigmarole.

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