30 April 2010

KingCast asks, "WWMD?"

What would John McEnroe do, seeing as he is The Tennis Demigod, IMO. Well he would beat a strong Mats Wilander, and then go on to defeat Bjorn Borg tomorrow at the Staples/Champions tour at Agganis Arena. I told him to handle it, and he gave me the thumbs-up!

Mats got a kick out of my snide comment about seeing another 6.5 hour match a la 1982 Davis Cup, LOL (YouTube video) He sent the last ball over toward me on match point, it's sitting on my desk. I have some okay shots of Mats, and a couple of vids coming later I'll make a KingCast movie of stills/vids in the next week, but mostly I was just watching. Mac is incredible at 50 or whatever he is these days, the most entertaining player of the Modern Era. Kudos to Courier and Arias as well, both great sports. I forgot how candid Arias is, he's a blast, and Courier was funny as hell with his mime antics. Thanks, guys. Everybody's game pretty much looks the same these days but with you I know who I'm watching right from the get-go.

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-The KingCaster.

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Christopher King said...


In high school we were all playing a Max 200g or Rossignol.... the rackets of Mac and Mats...... I loved my 200g and the original Pro Staff (the one that Sampras played like, FOREVER) but my favorite wood racket, above the Wilson Pro Staff and Kramer Autographs that littered my bedroom was the Rossignol Strato IIRC. I absolutely loved that thing, only had one of them but it was great.

Played the new Maxply McEnroe last year but I can't get with it. I loved the original wood frame, had two of those pups, now I'm back to Wilson and the current Surge, nice 'tweener.

-The KingCaster.