05 April 2010

KingCast aks "How old was Gregory P. Floyd,?" or... "What, did you forget I have the Franconia shooting tragedy files on CD?"

Okay. If NHPR's Chris Jensen is correct, and Gregory P. Floyd was 19 in April, 2008, then no way in hell was he 17 on 5/11 and Floyd lied to LE at the scene, click the small thumbnail. Do the math. Jensen is a respected journalist, but Floyd is just a lying (proved), thieving (proved, he stole the Virgin Mary) murderer, IMO. And of course he was the Man in Charge at the crime scene, that's why he probably inserted Liko's second magazine to make him look still dangerous, see how else would he have a live round in his pocket, click the 3rd thumbnail.

Then of course there is the question as to why there was no GSR conducted on Bruce McKay. He had not been to the range that day so that test -- that same test they conducted on Caleb Macaulay -- would tell us whether McKay or Floyd fired the windshield bullet but corrupt former NH AG Kelly Ayotte didn't want anybody to know 'bout that. I documented that fact back in 2008, also Thumbnail 4.

Also, AS A CONVICTED FELON, Floyd clearly had a small arsenal of guns at his compound, but still never charged with violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) despite explicit promises from VP Joe Biden, but whatever. Hell, I don't make the policies, I just report on them.

PS: No fingerprint analysis? Please.


Christopher King said...

Yes Madame Chair remember these facts when you think about how you violated my First Amendment Rights.

And remember you even allowed Sharon Davis McKay to testify that Liko Kenney was under the influence of marijuana, but the Official Report indicates otherwise, read Caleb Macaulay's testimony.

So there were trace amounts of marijuana in Mr. Kenney's system, did you qualify Ms. Davis as a medical expert for her to testify as to whether those trace amounts were enough to make him "influenced" by marijuana?

Should we have the fortune to meet again, I'll bet you think twice before you move to cut me off next time.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

So this was submitted in complete to Madame Chair and the board in your paper work, a copy for each member...yes?

Christopher King said...


No, the previous letter was submitted with 5 copies.

This was, however, emailed to the following:

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A few more relevant facts about the background of the tragedy.
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Christopher King said...

Yet another clear cut instance of Gregory Floyd lying and getting a break, and LE knows all about it.

They could have criminally charged him under Peter Heed's protocol vis a vis RSA 641:3 or for Obstruction of Justice. Here it is, with a picture of my erstwhile nemesis, the fired Jaffrey Pee Dee Chief Marty Dunn.

And people have the nerve to come after me?

Get up off me, fools because I'm not having any of it.

The best Defense is a Good Offense.

Get up off me.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Greg floyd would kick your ass!

Christopher King said...


Oh, I doubt that.

But your comment shows you are prone to believe in violence.

Hope you're not an LE, I'll check your IP addy on that, provided you haven't masked it.


-The KingCaster.

How old was Gregory P. Floyd....did his daddy lie on that issue as well as other matters....try to stay on topic. 1.800.RITALIN might help.