08 April 2010

KingCast again asks "how come there's no analysis of the windshield bullet approach angle in the Fraconia shooting tragedy?"

The drawings above are in a linked post from the infamous windshield bullet post that 99.9% proves that Gregory Floyd started shooting at Liko Kenney's car before it ever struck Bruce McKay. I noticed that these crucial pictures showing trajectories into a carport and house -- where nobody died -- were no longer being hosted, so I put them back up today.

After all, remember I have the entire investigative files on CD, as I told the House Public Works Committee, read this. When I told Madame Chairman the whole investigation was a sham, I wasn't kidding, watch this. The Truth will come out, sure as I type this. It just takes time. To hell with Kelly Ayotte and her attempts to become a U.S. Senator, I wouldn't let her shine my shoes.


Anonymous said...

Or could have McKay shot first? From where did Floyd retrieve McKay's gun?

Christopher King said...


Well if McKay shot first, that's obviously okay.

But the problem is of course that Kelly Ayotte never gave me a GSR test on McKay even though that would have been the correct thing to do.

Read this.

As such, the unexplained windshield bullet on the outside of Liko Kenney’s car must have come from Bruce McKay. Meanwhile, Liko Kenney’s clothing – requested by the Undersigned pursuant to RSA 91-A – will undoubtedly establish muzzle-to-target range so that will help aid in our Constitutional Right to Know what really happened on 5/11. Similarly, Bruce McKay’s clothing will undoubtedly support Respondent Ayotte’s implied conclusion that he fired his gun because there will be gunshot residue on it. She is required to maintain this clothing pursuant to Deadly Force Investigation Policy IV E(9)(e).

By way of reference, here is a quote from forensic expert Paul Erwin Kish in the Michael Paulhus police shooting case in Nashua, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs:

"The clothing of Mr. Paulhus was apparently never collected. Had the shirt been collected it may have assisted in establishing muzzle-to-target range."

Of course that dovetails in with the pending litigation and the reach of RSA 611-B:21and autopsy/toxicology reports because the AG’s office has refused to give the public any of this dispositive information on clothing and/or Gunshot Residue (GSR) that should be in her investigative files.

And Read this.

They gave Caleb Macaulay as GSR test as noted.


When I told Madame Chair this investigation was a complete sham I was not kidding.

It's all going to come out in the end, folks like you are busy reading the Truth right here and Casey's movie is only going to increase public concern and raise awareness.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

GSR testing is a complete sham. I doesn't prove a thing and is basically a knee jerk reaction to to any death resulting from gunshot wound.

Isn't there another ambulance to chase?

Christopher King said...


GSR is such a joke that they administered it to Caleb Macaulay. If Bruce had not fired his gun in the past day GSR in this case would undoubtedly tell us whether he fired it on 5/11.

What's next you're telling me fingerprint analysis is worthless too?

You're a tool.

I'm busy with nonprofit City Year work.

I'm busy with other nonprofit work you'll never know about because you're a haterhead.

I'm busy monitoring the Defamation case I helped occasion through zealous reporting.

And coincidentally enough, I did document a pedestrian accident in front of my apartment yesterday so that the victim and her boyfriend can obtain some measure of closure from the car operator that hit her in the crosswalk.

Image one
Image two

Thanks for the subject matter of my next post and have a nice day.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

bruce mckay did not fire his weapon.

Christopher King said...


I know.

Would have been really difficult given the FACT that he had a through-wound on his right forearm.

But Kelly still should have run and provided the GSR test on him.

But she didn't because it would have proved that Gregory Floyd was a liar about how the events went down.


-The KingCaster.