12 April 2010

KingCast affiliate David Dancy digs up dirt in Utica, NY.

You gotta' love this..... "Any comment on the closed-door meeting?" "No."

Police Chief not qualified? Failure to protect an innocent woman on the Longo Murder case? Cowtowing to his murdering friend because he's another LE? Another angry cop with a knife? Hmmmm Hmmmmmm......

In the coming months and years KingCast will assemble an increasingly larger network of partners and affiliates, including Dancy's Corner. That's what we do in a Free Society, viva the First Amendment, Fourth Estate blah blah blah blase blase.

David, check out this Boston-flavored dirt, Marinova v. Van Sack, Boston Herald and Channel 7 News for titillating falsies... errrr..... falsities about having sex with an inmate, it was all an orchestrated attempt to quell public outcry for prison reform. Exquisite flavor, yes? Pass the Grey Poupon my brother, I'll have mine with lox and melba toast, boiled egg and capers. No onion necessary 'cos these fools got me crying out loud already, right.

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