15 March 2010

Ohio Court of Claims says KingCast knew exactly what he was doing in a Courtroom for Michael Isreal, cops made him a Victim of Violent Crime.

Boo yah!

And $58,500.00 to Mr. Isreal because those pigs (yes, pigs, not responsible LE) choked him and I cold, cold busted them:

The Doctor sed what dey be tawkin' bout Willis, is "A build up of fluid and inflammation...."

Now you might say $57,500.00 (in 1998 mind you) is no King's ransom, (he-heh pun fully intended) but in point of fact the cops in Nashua shot part of Michael Paulhus' hand off and he only got $80K ten years later in 2007 IIRC..... I'll look it up, it's in the KingCast Law Library. Found it, scroll down and Read the Paul Erwin Kish report about how the State destroyed the primary evidence. The case -- except for this blog -- has been removed from the Internet now but yah, it happened, and I'm 99% sure it was about $80K in 2007. It's a matter of Public Record if Billy Boy wants to doubt me. Again. Tool.

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Christopher King said...

Of course those two jackasses were not subject to discipline. They get negative reinforcement for crackin' heads.

At least the all-white Jury liked us, and knew these cops were full of shit.

"Great job," said the foreman to me..... "You got more with honey than (Prosecutor) Sam Boorst did with his vinegar."

-The KingCaster.

PS: Somewhere that might be in video I need to find it.