22 March 2010

KingCast tells Russell Cumbee: "Don't ASSume anything and just Deal with it, dude.... it's called Free Speech and the Democratic process."

This Russell Cumbee johnny-come-lately tool to North Country ASSumes in today's Caledonian Record that the other voters in Franconia, had they been so moved to vote, would have voted in favor of his warrant ballot. That's like me saying if more voters had shown up for Dewey, he would have defeated Truman.

Well.... duh.

I mean, what a revolutionary concept, right? Read more to see how brilliant this guy really is..... NOT.


Christopher King said...

Hey Russ:

Voting is a First Amendment, Free Speech Activity so what's your problem home slice?

After all, these are your own precious words, right?

"Newsflash, Free Speech really does improve people's lives."



How you likin' Bruce McKay's vanity plates now, fella'?

I see your hero's license plate and I'll raise you one with Civil Rights, Quick, Fast and in a Hurry.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Cracks me up, for you newbies Cumbee is the bald guy to my left, and you can see in his face he's pained to even be in my presence.

The great part about the Internet is that he is ALWAYS in my presence, and he is always going to BE in my presence as long as he maintains a public profile in favor of a rogue cop.

Free Speech really does improve people's lives, doesn't it, Russ?

Sorry, pardon my chuckle, ahem.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

"The 93 residents who came to vote against it are who they are and they probably can’t help themselves."

Seriously, WTF? This guy wants to insult the collective conscious of Franconia by insinuating we drank the kool-aide? I suggest we all chip in and get him a copy of this:


To assume the vote was skewed is inaccurate, the same people at Town Meeting were the same people that are there every year.

Had it gone the other way, he'd be crowing. I really think he and McLeod never thought it would go the way it did. Delicious irony...what's that QM like to say? Tee-Hee.

Also, he's a damn free-stater, here for his own agenda. He runs this Tea Party web-site.


He needs to go back to MN where he came from.

Christopher King said...

Oh, I doubt there is such a road pursuant to RSA 4:43

If such a road existed the angry LE who has been badgering me would have shoved it in my face by now.