14 March 2010

KingCast sees no investigation into 4-on-1 Manchester NH off-duty cop beating of bar patron.

Update: Another MPD head cracking case -- at the same place -- settles.

Note......The top photo (video coming, I forget where I stashed it) is how you're supposed to at least try to take someone down, look how professional and concerned the security guard is, I watched him for 10 minutes and all of them were nothing but professional. Fact of the matter is, unless the perp is waaaay out of control there's no need to smash his 'dome like a melon. I would like to see the witness statements about Christopher J. Micklovich, the alleged perp in this case.

Micklovich filed a formal Complaint for Excessive Use of Force. I can't wait for the Federal lawsuit, hell in the Isreal case I filed ours before the criminal trial was even scheduled, it was rad.

But what do I know.... I've only successfully sued, defended against and represented LE. Michael Isreal, $58,500.00 after Hamilton, OH cops Rhodes and Hensley choked him. Also got them found to have made him a VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME, Ohio Court of Claims V96-61481; they took it off the Internet so I'll order the file up today to prove it. For now, watch the videos at bottom.
KingCast: It's All Good.

But I digress.......Soooo.... when you click on it you will see that I took the liberty of upsizing the UL photo from this story.

Query, was everybody drinking? Anybody drunk? Remember that drunk cops can do bad things, witness the Revere Dan Talbot murder tragedy in which I ran video for much of the trial, including this embarrassing moment.

Two broken eye sockets and a broken nose? I dunno. I wasn't there. I haven't read the file. That having been said, it seems a bit absurd to just out-of-hand say there's no investigation required into whether excessive force was used. Keep in mind that it's largely Concord LE behind SB154 Bruce McKay Highway for bully-cop Bruce McKay that stands imperiled as the Town of Franconia exercised its Constitutional Right to DENY newcomer Russell Cumbee's parallel Warrant vote, read it all right here.

Here are some comments:

To Mike in Machester-

You said this racist got what he deserved??
The kid just got back from the Dominican Republic helping kids on a mission trip and he ex gf is latin, so you sir are a misinformed idiot. Also one of these cops are the same ones that beat the heck out of that vet not to long ago.

- Steve, Mancester

Just from looking at this picture it seems to me that this man was pretty heavily beaten and/or kicked in the face as he says. I also agree with other comments that the off duty officers involved should have called in sober officers to handle this situation. I assume they were not sitting at a bar not drinking when this happened. Is there a law protecting citizens from inebriated off- duty officers in this state? They should not be allowed to do anything to anyone if they are inebriated...

- Amy, Candia


Christopher King said...

Some of McKay's pals had a night of it the other day on this guy's head, man this dude is phaaaaacked-up royally.

Was it really necessary with 4 cops that they couldn't restrain this guy without cracking his phaaackin' skull?



-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Remember Banged-up.dot.com?

This is like something one would see there. I had forgotten all about that site, but it still exists, now in pay form I guess.

And the irony is..... I'm pretty sure those cats are FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE.



Christopher King said...

I mean, seriously when the weather clears up I was about to run a new bike video of me accelerating the 650R from 0 to 70mph in third gear to illustrate what torque is.

But now I don't have to, just look at his face.

That's TORQUE baby.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing,wait until I get a hold of you.

Christopher King said...


Is that right?

A threat of physical harm?

I'll have this comment traced.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

That comment was not for you chris, it was for that a-hole on your other blog.