10 March 2010

KingCast sees NH House slam Lynch on marijuana, is SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway next?

No, Governor Lynch still does not know how to ride a motorcycle.

House vote on marijuana and related story here.

Franconia said no to SB 154 yesterday as noted here.

Governor Lynch wants a highway named after Bruce McKay and he never wanted anything to do with any real investigation as noted in my open letter to Governor Lynch that he ignored (even after we visited his office, watch the KingCast short film Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts) and that was largely republished in the Caledonian Record here.

The Governor Lynch Integrity Pledge was here. 'Was' is the operative term. Notice that there was no Governor/Bode Miller grip-n-grin session......

Stay tuned for the chilling conclusion.... these are the Days of Our Lives.....


Anonymous said...

Just curious as to how much money Bode Miller generates to Cannon Mountain yearly because those are the slopes he grew up skiing on? Lynch should have given a public congrats to Bode Miller's amazing skiing at this years Olympics.

Put a plaque up at the Franconia Police Station to honor Bruce McKay. Afterall, that is where he worked and THAT is supposed to be what they want acknowledged-his public service. He was not known for his favorite stretch of highway. The police station is the perfect spot.

Christopher King said...


Lynch may or may not have offered Bode a grip'n'grin opportunity, but if I were Bode I would have said "No Thanks" given the history of Lynch overlooking everything wrong about Franconia and North Country LE.

Yes, they should honor him at the police station because too often he didn't act honorably over the public byways of the area.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Bode would not have done the "grip'n'grin". Nevertheless, he is the most decorated skier in the US and considered the greatest skier in the world. NH and Bode deserved the acknowledgement by the State.