19 March 2010

KingCast sees Governor Patrick, Heffernan & staff fail to identify who is leading the Boston Herald Defamation/CORI leak investigation.

As the top photo hints, it is the Boston Herald who should be locked up behind barbed wire fences, IMO. Shot from the shadow of Boston's biggest racist tabloid rag from my favorite Asian grocery store. The fence is in focus, the Herald slightly out-of-focus and the 650R sits idling patiently in the foreground, another perfect KingCast composition.

Governor Patrick -- for whom I have volunteered -- specifically told me that there would be an investigation. Three weeks ago he specifically said (watch the dang video)
"I don't want a prison system shrouded in secrecy."

Well now is the time to step forward and act on it, or call me back at least. Marybeth Heffernan knew all about this way back in The Day, click on the email to read it. She's more than familiar with the issue, but still remains mired in inertia. Sandra McCoomb (direct reports to Heffernan) spoke with me on Tuesday and said she was unfamiliar with the case but would holler back by today but despite my three (3) calls into her office, I never heard "Boo!." Why can't anyone tell me who is heading up the investigation? Pastor Dickerson would like to know as well.

I specifically told them back in January.

Listen: The shit is about to hit the fan next week, and it's more than meets the eye and more than I have ever let on here. At that time they will wish they had responded.

Did you know that when Governor Patrick toured the facilities he never actually met with Darrell Jones? Perhaps now would be a time appropriate, considering the documented history of what Mr. Jones has done to combat violent crime. Documents and an entire website going up this weekend on that, and his underlying trial transcript will be posted soon as well, time to air out the dirty laundry......But I digress: For the Governor to publicly say that he's going to conduct an investigation, that puts substantial heat on Darrell, he's living in a fishbowl and swimming with sharks. But then not to conduct one, or not to even be able to articulate who's heading up the investigation, does not bode well. Pastor Dickerson would like to know more too.

PPS: Did you know that The Globe sales are down at the prisons? Well they are, and I could tell you why. And I will. It's because the union and the Herald are so tight, the inmates get the Globe a coupla' days late, consistently. So they opt out of the Globe Plan and wind up with the bogus coverage from the same paper who just paid millions to Judge Murphy for Defamation, a paper that showed no shame in calling a former DOC Superintendent "Boone the Coon."

That's okay. We've got something for their butts, and we're gonna' punctuate it with a giant "Boo-Yah!"

KingCast: Real news for real people.


Anonymous said...

well impeach the governor for not dropping everything to respond in a timely fashion to you...get real believe it or not there are far more pressing issues in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts than some suspended attorneys self serving headhunting investigations.

Christopher King said...

Did I say "Impeach the Governor?"

Nope, in point of fact I have volunteered for the Governor, and I said:

"Have the Governor do WTF he promised to do 3 weeks ago."

And it doesn't matter one iota that I am a suspended attorney, what matters is that I am a Citizen of the Commonwealth and a card-carrying member of the Press.

What matters is that there are LAWS on the books that have been broken in order to shut down valid inquiry into the prison system by a State Representative and others who have substantial backgrounds in prison reform, not that you care.

What matters is that the lawsuit and other shit is about to hit the fan this coming week.

You'll get the Big Picture one day.

-The KingCaster.

PS: Thanks for the soft ball, I knocked it right out of the park.

Christopher King said...

Bonus round:

The Governor was more than willing to accept my assistance on his campaign as a suspended attorney.




-The KingCaster.

PS: It's not a head hunting mission, I'm just axin' a couple questions, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis.

Anonymous said...

If by your own admission you are now a citizen of the Commonwealth your complaints to the State of New Hampshire about your concerns will fall upon deaf ears as they have been all along. I've seen your video with the Governor he was not impressed at that time and surely is even less impressed now. We will see how long you will be a card carrying member of the press, I hear it won't be for to much longer. I've heard several concerned citizens of the state have filed formal complaints including several members of the band who played at his inaugural ball.

Christopher King said...

And it's not just me.

Go ahead and say something nasty about Pastor Dickerson too while you're at it why dontcha'?

The Kingcaster

Sent from my iPhone.

Christopher King said...

Too much to ask the Gov to actually meet Darrell Jones given his exemplary record as a prisoner, getting personal letters from Senator Kerry and being featured on Chronicle?

Yah what do Pastor Dickerson or I know about anything, you are clearly right the Governor shouldn't even give this matter -- or any CORI reform -- any attention whasoever.

The Kingcaster

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Christopher King said...


You hear a lot of things, don't you?

Mostly voices in your head.

If there's a complaint the New England News & Press Association (NENPA) knows nothing of it, just got off the phone with them.

Anyway, the case is much bigger than me, don't you get it? You will.

And I wasn't even at the Governor's Inaugural Ball, so WTF are you even talking about?

As to my concerns falling on deaf ears in NH, my concerns always fell on deaf ears there, so no surprise there, it's pretty much a corrupt State but it is pretty cool that the longest-running member of the Governor's/Executive Council gave me a Mayoral First Amendment Commendation.

Anyway, the key is that the local residents are echoing my concerns.

Come see all about it at the upcoming House discussions.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


I did receive my first complaint this morning, and it is a strange one that I addressed straight on, using screen captures to prove my point.

So if that's what you're talking about, it's nothing.

Just like the rest of your banter.

Meanwhile the Governor promised a whole lot of people an investigation, to hell with me, what about them?

Yah, you don't have much to say about that, do you?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Ms. L..... you need to chill.

-The KingCaster.