09 March 2010

KingCast says Franconia did the Right Thing, exercised its Constitutional Freedoms to deny Russell Cumbee's Rte. 18 Bruce McKay Highway.

Sooooo..... the vote was in about 10:30 and it was about 90-70; on to the House next, and we know what it already said.

Here's your back story one and two, and that's all I need to say. Well not quite.... but I think Mr. Cumbee says it so much better than I every could because remember to him, I'm just "that annoying blogger....." He says:
"Newsflash, Free Speech really does improve people's lives."

So I'm like Paul McCartney, bro' listnin' to what the Man says..... the wonder of it all, baby.... the wonder of it all, baby.... yeah yeah yeah....

Meanwhile enjoy this post about a questionable Judge in Boston.


Lifer said...

The odd thing is that there was no visable opposition. No signs, no flyers, no one spoke in opposition at Town Meeting.

The collective conscience of Franconia coalesced.

Viva Liko!

Christopher King said...


I received and made a few phone calls but I didn't want to be prominent in this, lest the trolls say that I exerted some sort of undue influence (all the while they alternatively say I have no influence, but whatever).

Now we know what the House said, so this should be a done deal, game over insert coin.

I'm going to fire up the 650R and take a ride into the mountains today in the Spirit of Liko Kenney.

Talked to Davey last night, he was quite relieved.


-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Solidified in peace by the people for the people.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that 100%, beyond any doubt that this bill is dead? Can the Senate still rule in favor regardless of the populace vote?

Christopher King said...


You never know with NH Government.

But the House said not unless the Town wants it, so there you go.


Anonymous said...

I will put up the sign myself. God bless Cpl. Mckay

Christopher King said...



With what permit?

You talk to zoning about that?

Bruce McKay was a Law and Order kinda' guy (well not really but that's what you say he was) so I'm sure he wouldn't want you doing anything illegal, watch yourself.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

I thought you new Hampshire weirdos just do whatever you want. I will place the sign where I see fit. I bet I can get that guy that keeps calling you out to help me! A man put on a badge, gun and a bullet proof vest to protect and serve. Which he did for 12 years, gets gunned down by a hippie maggot. And you north country freaks argue about naming a road after him. NH sucks. And you Mr. King are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Troopers are converging on Franconia. 2 additional drug dogs and 10 grand in lydar equipment. Time to pay for the vote people. Fix your headlights, tailights and calibrate your speedometers. Littleton district court is going to be overwhelmed.

Christopher King said...


You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Shaddup, I'm busy honoring real heroes, you dumb bunny jackass.

-The KingCaster.