09 March 2010

KingCast reports: Middlesex Probate Judge Spencer Kagan says its cool to discuss pending cases with beer-swillin' former interns.

Well........ not only that, but it's cool to surreptitiously take nekkid pictures of women on the beach and post them to your picture album, be forcibly recused from cases and lose on appeal to a pro se litigant for not knowing the parameters of your authoritaaaaay. It's all documented below (not loading on WePaper look here).
Can he kick it.... yes he can!

But just don't use a penis pump behind the bench, like this guy.

Now I can't talk about what happened at this evening's seminar in detail, nor will I post pictures because that was the promise I made and I will honor that promise, owing to my journalistic integrity.

But I will post a related video later tonight and some other educational materials for the enlightenment of the general populous. That's what strong journalism -- you know, Fourth Estate stalwarts like Woodward & Bernstein, Royko, KingCast, Sherman, etc. is all about. That's why I put this up in black and white, 'cos that's how we used to read and write the news..... and 'cos what Hizzoner did was black and white wrong. KingCast keeps it simple in black and white, like Three Dog Night, he-heh.

And that's what Continuing Legal Idgkayshun' is all about as well.

I like to educate the general public, especially about how guns work, as seen in the Revere Dan Talbot Police Murder trial.

But I digress......

To continue, I will say that there were four (4) FBI men there, and they were looking for someone to ask Ol' Spence a question or two. From what I understand they were not expecting me, but when I did politely ask a question about the integrity of Communications -- particularly regarding certain emails -- they showed me the door at Hizzoner's request. This despite the fact that the panel opened the door to just such an inquiry. I'll order the audio to prove it.
I'm sure they won't edit any of that out.

UPDATE: Wrong Answer. They decided not to sell the DVD, period.



Christopher King said...

Negrodamus say never put anything on your FB or photo page you wouldn't want your mother to see.

Well okay, I violate that all of the time, so I'll never be a Judge.

But it's okay -- in fact it is Constitutionally ENCOURAGED -- for me to Judge them for it, 'cos you know they ARE held to a higher standard, ahem.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Love the video. I don't understand how a judge could discuss with others cases that he is supposed to impartially decide. And he apparently wrote the email from his private account where he cannot be monitored by the state. Then he says he will tell her more the next time they meet!!!!

What kind of advice did this 36d beer drinking young blonde girl give him about the Rabinovitz case? Hmmmm.....

Christopher King said...


I dunno....Could be a C cup... it's a close call.

Let's ask Spence, maybe he knows.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kingast,

Sounds like when you axed hizzoner a tough Q he summoned his state police buddies to throw you out of the building. Nice use of taxpayer money eh?

If you were face to face with the ragin' kagin' now what would you say to him?

Christopher King said...


I dunno.... Probably ask him the same questions, i.e. why did he discuss a pending case with a FORMER intern via his private email account.

I'm calling now to see about ordering up the DVD so you can see that the Judges themselves opened the door to email inquiry.


-The KingCaster.

Jay Korff said...
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Christopher King said...

Well Mr. Korff, you raise an interesting point.

What if she turned and criticized Judge Kagan and said "hey you're not giving the guy a fair shake!"

Would he ignore her comment?

One has to wonder, as he has created the appearance of impropriety involving an ACTIVE CASE, yet faces no consequences.


-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the good judge will allow video CAMERAS into the court so we can all see his wisdom in action?

Currently, our courts operate in the 1800's where the courts only had the telegraph in the court.

We can put TV cameras on the moons of Saturn, at the bottom of our oceans, but not in our courts in Massachusetts. Want to see a court "in action" you have to take time off from work to go there. No turning on the TV or the computer.

What garbage our courts are.

Jay Korff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christopher King said...

My bad,

It was probably the Staties in suits.

Whatever, shown the door for asking a question.

Now they won't sell the DVD because if they cut out the part with me it would be ridiculous and if they showed it, it would make Kagan look ridiculous.

But it ain't Defamation, or any sort of unlawful harassment of a judge so he can't arrest me as he did some poor lady I forget her name...... anyway it's just a citizen asking some questions in a Free Country, dammit.

-The KingCaster.