01 March 2010

KingCast reminder: Jason Vassell hearing tomorrow on racist history of prosecution by DA Scheibel at 2pm., Hampton County Superior Court.

Ponder this: Prosecutor Scheibel's office is not so much fanning the flames of racism as much as it supplied the flint and steel to create the conflagration as joint tortfeasors, ab initio.

The Prosecution finally provided the documents that they were ORDERED to provide by the Massachusetts High Court so that there will be another hearing on 26 March 2010 to discuss the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss for Selective Racial Prosecution. KingCast cameras will be at the ready.

The first thing you notice about Jason Vassell is that he is a peaceful, tranquil person -- except when two drunken white men repeatedly call him nigger, threaten him, rush into his dorm foyer and break his nose. My impression of the man comports with the FACT that he has no criminal record, as opposed to his assailants, who have laundry lists of violent run-ins with the law.

Mr. Vassell is receiving wide-ranging support from people of all ages, races and ethnic and socio-political backgrounds, and well he should. I won't be able to get the stink from this racist prosecution dry cleaned out of my jacket for months: Jon Bosse and John Bowes weren't even charged with criminal or malicious damaging or public intoxication despite the FACT that they broke his dorm room window and were measured at 2x and 3x the legal limit of .8 BAC. Not to mention the fact that Jason's case never should have been submitted to a Grand Jury in the first place because of the Castle Doctrine, MGL 278-8A. But we all know the Castle Doctrine is just for white folks anyway.

A Prosecutor before a Grand Jury, can pretty much indict a ham sandwich, trust me it happened to me as NAACP Legal Chair in NH and it took me 2 years to prevail after I sat through Voir Dire. Cameras were involved, 24/7. As a former State Attorney, I know when the State is full of dookie and I'm not about to back away from saying as much.

Basically, Prosecutor Sheibel -- as her office is wont to do -- has taken some white trash hoodlums and elevated them into demi-god status as purported victims in this case, when nothing could be further from the Truth. Enjoy the videos and pictures, they will be uploading throughout the evening.

PS: The Police showed up and move the demonstration away from the Courthouse, which was interesting given that the rationale was that they were trying to influence. They had a system of sandwich-board type signs, with each month since Mr. Vassell was attacked in his dorm building being represented. But the thing is, there's no Jury empaneled yet so who were they unlawfully influencing, and to say that a Judge should be influenced by folks picketing outside a courthouse is ludicrous. The whole Statute smacks of Unconstitutional Prior Restraint, really. I took a picture of the Statute for edification.

Click to enlarge, read to be outraged. The one on the right, replete with your typical drunken angry sexually insecure white male misogynist "whore, cunt" ramblings is but one of six (6) different incidences of violence in which Jon Bosse and John Bowes have been involved in since 2003, some involving axe blades and handles, others involving the nigger bomb, etc. etc. these guys are real dirtbags, totally. Here's some back story.


Anonymous said...

C2 - been a while!

You have not slowed down, have you?

I'm interested in the non-profit you mentioned recently, among other things - how can I contact you? or can you contact me?

I don't want to post my email or phone. You can find me in the white pages if need be - call or email.

Hope all is well!


Christopher King said...

C1 you still riding?

I got a 650R

email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com

or call 617.543.8085m


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those white boys were violent and racist and drunk and stuff.

Stab 'em, Jason! Stab 'em good! (Make sure you wear a mask so they don't know it's you, though.)

Christopher King said...

8:11 Yah if I were singled out by a couple of jackasses like that I might not want them to see my face, either.

Bottom line is this:

You call me a nigger, you break my window and come into my foyer and further advance toward me, and I'll show your ass the purpose of a hearse.

Got that?


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


Jason Vassell: Community volunteer, college student, no record.

Bowes, Bosse: Community losers, abusive to women and minorities, multiple records, drunk and violent in public, total scum to this point.

They had better watch out in the streets don't one day somebody is going to teach them a lesson in the worst way, tack heads like that get capped every day, just sayin'.

-The KingCaster.

Jennifer said...

Great coverage Chris, thank you for taking the time to inform! I really enjoyed what you wrote and the video documentation.

Christopher King said...



Also, I just conferenced offline with some folks.

More support is coming.

Much more.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

These are the facts:

Vassell waited in the lobby for 10 minutes until Bowes & Bosse gained entry.
He stabbed them.
The "racist history" delay is just a ploy for a better plea bargain.
This case will NEVER go to court becuase the defense has no case.
Vassell will plead GUILTY to a reduced charge...and be happy to get it.

All the rest is just noise.

Christopher King said...


No Lieutenant Thrasher, sorry but here's The Deal:

Mr. Vassell waited for his friend to come over after he was racially threatened.

Two drunken losers with a history of racist issues and violence and "cunt" calling women and pouring beer on them burst into the foyer of Mr. Vassell's abode, broke his nose after entering a building they had no legal purpose to be in, and they got what they had coming to them.

They were 2x and 3x the legal limit for alcohol and broke his window and were not even charged with any of that.

In fact, one of them wasn't even charged AT ALL by the racist prosecutor, Elizabeth Scheibel.

The rest of your BS is just noise.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

I know you're not really a lawyer, or a logical person, so I'll explain a "tautology" to you: your argument is that since Bowes and Bosse weren't charged, it MUST be because of racism.

Because there can't be any other argument.

Also, everything I said about Vassell setting is true. No jury will ever see this case.

Christopher King said...


Let me 'splain something to you about post hoc ergo propter hoc, fool:

Once the State puts the hegemonic hand of injustice on you, sometimes you settle, doesn't make it right.

I didn't settle and the State ran away like a puppy that peed itself.

And oh, what were your asshole friends doing for those 10 minutes that Mr. Vassell sat and waited after they threatened him?

Well instead of going home, they were waiting to rush into the door to beat his "nigger" ass, they got exactly what they deserved, but next time I'll bet you they wind up dead.

-The KingCaster.

PS: It's a crime of racism because Bosse and Bowes only started messing with Jason because he's black.... you know the "nigger this" and "nigger that" thing.... it wasn't a term of endearment, they were gonna' show that nigger he can't be hangin' with them white girls, a lil' Emmett Till style beat down goin' on, yah.

Christopher King said...

PS: Give me your address, I'll come break your windows out tonight and call you a redneck honkey.

When the police come I'll just tell them:

"It's cool, man, just let me go and let's joke about my football jerse and the Pats game....it's all in the mix.... Prosecutor Scheibel says so."

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Tautological lessons you're gonna' give me, vigro PLEASE.

Let's talk about syllogisms.... use it in a sentence:

"Your father had a syllogism the night you were conceived. Syllogism."



Mya said...

This person needs to be free. Where is the outcry for this man? Clearly he was the victim of a hate crime, and defended himself as anyone would when attacked.