24 March 2010

KingCast, the RD350B, the 650R and David Bowie present the Jam of the Week: "Young Americans" on Dick Cavett show, circa 1974.

Okay. 2:30 - "Do you remember.... your President Nixon.." I do. Anyway, watch the backup singers and the band, awesome, just piped it through the old Yamaha speakers for full effect. Speaking of Yamaha, I had a 1975 RD350B. Those who know, know that bike was no joke. A superb handler and quite peppy. In fact, ham-fisted theatrics left many a bloke sprawled arse-out on the motorway, wearing it for a hat. Car & Driver I believe equated it to a Porsche 911 in character, or the Ferrari 246 one of the two. Anyway the 650R is much more benign but stronger and faster, but also a superb handler and thematically similar. Twins rule, and Parallel Twins rule the street. The Time it is for a bike ride :)

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